Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pala Disenrollment Story Being Told on BLOG

Our friends who have been terminated from Pala are talking about the Pala Disenrollments on their blog PALA WATCH We invite you to take a look at their expose of Chairman Robert Smith. Please share the link with your friends and check it often. Your traffic will help shed light to our new Congress.


Anonymous said...

Thank you OP, it is time for all disenroolled to come together and fight their evil EC's. We can be heard louder as a group than as individuals. Pray for us to win this, if Pala wins against their EC, then other tribes will be listened to. There is strength in numbers.

Dennis G. Chappabitty Attorney at Law and Grandson of a Chiricahua Apache POW said...

The tolerance for unjustified tribal disenrollments within our United States of America is a global scandal, and many more tribal members, men, women and children will be cruelly stripped of their identities until the Global Human Rights Community, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Federal Courts and the U.S. Congress acknowledges the real root causes of this cruel and dishonorable phenomenon. The mass disenrollments at Pala in southern California at the direction of Robert Smith are nothing more than terrorism and sadistic depravity. Idle No More Supporters, where are you? President Obama, where are you? What kind of lawyers tolerate and participate in these revenge “killings”?