Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pechanga Buys Liberty Quarry from Granite Construction; Will THEY operate the Quarry? Deal worth $20 MILLION

Pechanga Tribal leaders have agreed to purchase the Liberty Quarry site south of Temecula from Granite Construction, it was announced Thursday.
A news conference has been called for 2:30 p.m. at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, effectively ending the project, according to a joint news release from the two entities.
Granite Construction has agreed to sell 354 acres of land designated for the quarry to the Pechanga Tribe for $3 million.
"The Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians and Granite Construction Co. have forged a historic accord that will amicably resolve a long-standing land use dispute involving the proposed Liberty Quarry project in Riverside County and end the proposed quarry," the two entities wrote.
Pechanga will also pay Granite $17.35 million to settle the dispute under a separate inter-dependent and comprehensive settlement and release agreement, according to the news release.
Granite has in turn agreed that it will not own or operate a quarry within a six mile radius to the north of the property along the Riverside-San Diego county border and three miles to the south through 2035.
For its part, Pechanga has committed to providing Granite input regarding potential impacts to tribal historic and cultural resources at other potential aggregate sites outside of the restricted area that Granite may consider over the same 23-year period, according to the news release.
“This area holds profound historic, cultural, and spiritual importance to the Pechanga and Luiseño Peoples,” said Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro. “Today, a small yet essential piece of our historic territory is once again united with its original stewards to preserve for future generations.”  Translation: We can use this acreage to offset environmental issues in case we want to operate our own quarry.


Anonymous said...

What do you get that they will be digging in no time?...they will do exactly what they were complaining about just like they did with the golf course.

White Buffalo said...

No they will first attempt to have the land placed into trust just like they did with the Great Oak property. Then they will wait a few years all the while buying up other properties that are adjacent to this property and Pechanga and link them together so they can have continuous holdings so that when they do decide to develop they can blur usage agreements and then hide behind sovereignty just like they did with the golf course Journey. They have learned the white man’s ways very well.

Anonymous said...

Except they can capitalize even more than the white man with the State Tax free status....and quit knocking the white man....who do you think the tribes are getting all the money from....certainly not tribal members losing at the casino would keep them going.

Anonymous said...

What the 4:52 - Anonymous said, Except they can capitalize even more than the whiteman...the only one knocking the whiteman is you, the whitewoman with a tag on the back that straight out says...whitewoman on board & a Indian hating whitewoman at that!

You are sooooooooo obvious! When on this blogpost.

OP - the ole white woman critizing & hating on the Native Indian population, is back to be irate.

The white talk! She trys to think she is smarter than all the American Indian Tribes.

The ole white woman whom has stolen from the National Archives...only to steal all the American Treaty Tribe documents to legitimize the non-belonger.
She is one of them.

White Buffalo said...

Prove me wrong. Was it not the Europeans who came here to discover new resources to exploit? Was it not the Europeans who then took advantage of a people who they considered to be heathen and less than civilized? Was it not the Europeans who decimated a continent of inhabitants, by killing them and their way of life by putting then on worthless plots of land called reservations? I can keep going, but my point is that those tribes who have become corrupt like Pechanga did so because they learned it from the dominate society witch is white. I say again prove me wrong.

As for the demographics of who spends their money at the casino I see all sorts of ethnicities’ and races, so again prove me wrong.

smokeybear said...

No need, "My Brother," they can't!
....Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...