Monday, November 5, 2012

Democratic Party Operatives Harm Native Americans

A repost from an earlier post. Showing what leaders of the Native American Caucus Democratic Party, Andrew Masiel and Mark Macarro, husband of former Democratic Party operative Holly Cook Macarro have done to their people KCBS Channel 2 reporter CRISTY FAJARDO reports on disenrollment for greed and power tonight.

Pay special attention as to how WEAK the responses are from the two tribal chairmen, Mark Macarro and Robert Smith!

Here is the video:


smokeybear said...

It's not a claim...."It's Real......"Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

I heard that Hunter clan mentioned that nobody and that includes Mark Macrro are going to Stop them on the Rez from being interviewed by any News Organization on spreading the truth about this corruption that the Macarro's and others who infested our Rez with this disease.
They said "Mark could go back were he came from, HELL" because he never came from this Rez.