Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pala Vice Chairman Leroy Miranda ARRESTED for Drunk In Public.

First convicted of lewd conduct, now drunk in public. The real charge should be violations of the civil rights of 160 Pala people.   Congratulations Leroy, you lewd, drunk jerk.

The vice chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in public at the tribe's casino early Saturday morning, according to the Sheriff's Department.

Deputies were called to the casino at 1:47 a.m., according to a Sheriff's Department report. Pala Vice Chairman Leroy Miranda, 46, was arrested shortly after deputies arrived at 2:56 a.m. Miranda was booked into the Vista jail at 4:13 a.m. and later released, according to the Sheriff's Department.

Officials at the Valley Center sheriff's station declined Tuesday to comment on the details of the incident.

Miranda was elected vice chairman of the tribe in 2001, one of six members of the tribe's governing council. He is the director of the Cupa Cultural Center, a museum on the reservation, according to the tribe's website.

Doug Elmets, a spokesman for Pala, said the tribe is reviewing the incident and declined further comment.

"The allegations are currently under investigation and the executive committee of the tribe will review the circumstances of the incident," Elmets said in a written statement.

Miranda was previously cited for allegedly soliciting a prostitute at the Happy Time Adult Book Store Nov. 6, 2009, in Moreno Valley, according to court records. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of lewd conduct in February 2010.

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Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Criminal behavior in a corrupt administration is the Mission Statement of the Pala Executive Committee. Now one must wonder: How much goodwill does Robert Smith’s support of District Attorney Bonnie Duplantis’ campaign for Mayor buy? If Duplantis is ethical then perhaps she will decline Smith’s tainted money, but corruption is contagious.

For Leroy Miranda, another arrest so soon after his previous conviction must have some impact on his probation agreement. Or does this new offense just disappear like so many of the offenses and incidents involving the families of the Pala Tribal officers? It is just a minor incident after all the major crimes that have been committed on the people of Pala. Others have posted some harsh assessments of Leroy Miranda’s character, but his actions justify such derogatory comments. It would be impossible for him to undo the damage he has done to his reputation, and it is a cruel joke on the People of Pala for him to serve as their representative.

The readers should know that Leroy Miranda was not elected in 2001. He lost the election, but Robert Smith overturned legitimate election results in order to prevent the actual winner, King Freeman, from taking office. Miranda was ineligible to run for office in 2011 due to his conviction on lewd conduct charges. Robert Smith used his power to squash a legal petition to block Miranda’s candidacy. Election fraud is common at Pala and Miranda’s continued terms can be attributed more to fraud than to lack of more qualified candidates.

And so the shameful story continues. There will be more crimes, more threats, and more drunken, disgusting behavior as long as the Smith/Miranda Administration holds power. They beat down their people, steal their money, kick out their members, and claim that they can’t be brought to justice because they are sovereign. Each judge that expands the scope of Tribal Sovereignty empowers these despots and enables them to cruelly destroy their own people

Anonymous said...

It's anybody surprised Leroy Miranda is out being an idiot and getting into trouble? I'm not,and just think how much pain and trouble this guy has caused in Pala.Something needs to be done with these clowns!

Anonymous said...

Elmets = Dickstein = Smith

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Tribal Leaders are idiotic dullards...they thrive on being a criminal!

Many of these tribal leaders from coast-to-coast, are history criminals. Criminal activity thoughout their entire blasted lives.

Until they out right kill someone innocent-will they scream & cry their convenient sovereignty & without conscience & without any guilt on their egotistical lame brains.
Meaning they will kill a "Genuine Indian" & get away with it, cuz, Ietan are not finished with the criminal activity against the "Genuine" when stumbling & getting in Ietan's way.
Why do you think they want their (IETAN) mentally incompete, mentally unqualified dolts, to serve on tribal council or any job!
These made-up Indians, are actually impostures, whom take fully avantage of our tribal nations.

It is a shame though when quizzing most "Genuines" on their natural born local Native American Indian history, several do not have clue, because they never took the time to read their own histories.
Ietan knows this, so they take full advantage of the ignorance.

Ietan knows that the museum on the reservations thoughout the the U.S.A., are full of infested history - meaning Ietan has their own made up ancient histories to make believe family histories, in those non-realistic museums on our reservations.
They make everyone else Indian instead the "Genuine".
You see it on every reservation today.
The real American Indian living on reservation these days, their family histories are lost or altered.

Ietan has help many make believe Indians & tribes (Ietan serves).
It is said that Ietan has gotten into the "Treaty Tribes" Treaties and has altered the language in most of the Treaties (The Genuine & authentic coast-to-coast American Indians & families are not aware of this).
This is why Ietan wants these make believe people on councils, so they can do Ietans dirty work & crybaby the convenient sovereignty.

Sovereignty is criminal, Sovereignty is another barrier for the "Genuine".
Sovereignty is cut throat to the "Genuine".
Sovereignty does not like the "Genuine".
Sovereignty is not an American Indian's friend.

If anything, these tribal leaders are despicably ignorant dolts. Made-up panels or a group of "white intruders" & "white invaders".

Ietan is the "devil" & the mabus of today.

The real "genuine" Native American
are out numbered by this so called "SOVEREIGNTY", & out mumbered on most tribal councils...the non voices or tribal people whom are seduced by sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

He is a dirty Low life .

Anonymous said...

It's the same thing Mark and his cronies are trying to do up in his way into power...spread out the cash and the politicians will turn in his favor....isnt there any politicians that are honest?..wake up California and give the gambling to everyone...they at least cant use the excuse of living on a reservation to escape paying taxes.

Anonymous said...

They didn't just arrest him for being drunk. He had to have been making a scene or causing damage.

What did he do?

Anonymous said...

Rumor I heard was he was making passes at a gentleman who didn't like it and shunned him. So psycho got violent. And threatened a guys while families life. That's what I heard anyway. I'm sure the truth will come out. Oh wait a minute. Smith will just buy everyone off with tribal councils money. So actually we probably will only ever hear what they want us to.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he confronted some Indian man that was talking shit about him and wanted to kick his ass. But the shit talker got afraid and vice chairman made a scene for about 60 seconds then left and he got arresed at valet area of the casino. Wow you people really don't like him. By the way its a group of people that dis senroll not just him but I see all the hatred you have for him tho it just goes to show how that casino has ruined many many Indian family's and lives so love your money it the only thing that matters to u

Anonymous said...

None the less it was Leroy who was arrested,the trouble maker was arrested right! If someone else was causing the problem they would have been arrested right?

Anonymous said...

Now when you call him vice chairman do mean he was acting in official duties when he went off for sixty seconds?
Making a scene in the casino in from of everyone?

Anonymous said...

What, I think he was just following his tribal elders cause I know for sure they aren't holy like they think they are ( no not the seniors )

Anonymous said...

What about the other stuff he was doing at the casino last month was it the girls fault to when he was being a perv?? Oh wait that was prob on 60 seconds to so that won't count either..

Anonymous said...

First of all he is old enough to know better and he is suppose to be an authority figure for the tribe, so he should behave in a manner that is representing the people of Pala. His actions revert back on the tribe. He wanted the position, then he should act like he deserves it and be more mature. If he wants to get drunk and pick up men or fight with men then he should do it somewhere else or resign from his position. His actions have caused much pain for many many people and those people have the right to dislike him. He obviously needs some help, so if you care about him then you should get him an intervention because what he is doing will eventually kill him and his life will be looked at as a lost person who tore others peoples lives apart and destroyed his own family.

Anonymous said...

We hate Robert, Teresa and Dion as well not just Leroy. They all took part in the illegal disenrollments. Unless I'm wrong and if so tell me.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Anonymous said:

"By the way its a group of people that dis senroll not just him..."

The Pala EC is 6 people, but one of the members was removed because she was a descendant of MB, so the disenrollment vote was among 5 people. That means it took three votes to disenroll 154 people. The vote was held in private, the General Council had no say in the matter, and anyone who believes that this is the right way to conduct tribal enrollment matters needs to be on the receiving end of one of their lame decisions.

I don't get it. How can anyone justify the illegal disenrollments at Pala? The Pala EC removed itself from the Tribal Court so there would be no way to appeal tha action, pushed through a change to the Enrollment Ordinance that denied due process and violated the Savings Clause of the Tribal Constitution, dug up phony evidence with the aid of corrupt BIA employees (Robert Eben, Frances Muncey), never revealed the reason for the disenrollment, lied to the remaining Tribal Members about the blood degree and lineage of an original Pala Allotee, and then refused to have any contact with the members they illegally disenrolled.

The EC even stated that the disenrollments were final before the BIA issued a recommendation on the matter, and then Robert Smith goes on TV and says he has evidence, but he won't show it because, "We shouldn't have to. We are sovereign"

It is all a heinous use of power, and completely against the custom and tradition of the tribe. The disenrollees are family members, close relations to the remaining tribal members. Leroy Miranda is a sicko who hates the descendants of Margarita Brittain for no reason in particular except that his granny told him that MB was not full blood.

It was a lie then, and it is a lie now. The real proof is in the 1989 BIA Final Decision that Robert Smith agreed to. Both he and Leroy are power mad greedy bastards that will pay a severe price when they have to show their proof in court and the judge and jury see what a couple of liars and crooks they are.

Anonymous said...

same at Pechanga.... not a full quorum of Enrollment Committee Members. it took 4 votes to remove 25% of the tribe because people were removed form office and vacant seats were left unfilled during "the process"

The will of the general counsel was ignored to "stop ALL dis-enrollment"


Reinstatement_Restitution said...

pechangaredbrother, your disenrollments were illegal too. We know this, and I am Pechanga too through my grandfather. Actually I have more Pechanga blood than Pala, but was enrolled in Pala because my mother wanted it that way.

Now that Pechanga has a moratorium on enrollments, and has a rule that anyone who enrolled in a different tribe can enroll in Pechanga, I can't become a member even though I have the required blood degree and lineage. It's okay though because I always considered my family to be Pala.

Both tribes have corrupt Tribal Officers. Both tribes have the resources to take care of all their people. but greed and lust for power has made them divide their people. It is shameful and disgusting and will lead the tribes down the path of destruction if not changed.

Anonymous said...

Keep this up and the man who speaks a foreign language(English) will take it like they did before.

Anonymous said...

Robert Smith of Pala plans on disenrolling more after the election. Once he secures the next 2 yrs. THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, Leroy was "bothering" the other male, an enrolled Pala member throughout the night. Knowing Leroy there is a good possibility he was trying to "pick up" on him and the other party was not interested. Now the rumor mill has it that Leroy is now after that young man's family to try and disenroll them. It's is really getting obvious that anybody who goes against Leroy in any whay shape or form has to worry now because he will go above and beyond to disenroll that family. Come on Robert, MAN UP, and stop all of this craziness.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Robert Smith, man up! Leroy Miranda, man up! Just like pissing in the wind, the words blow back on you. Those guys don't know how to man up. They think they are above the law and can do whatever they want, because no one ever stops them.

Oh, you won't be gay with me. I kill you, I kill your family, then I disenroll you. Yes, that is real man talk there.

Every day that goes by, the evil and hatred grows in the Pala Executive Committee. They even have the gall to blame white men for their corruption, the police for arresting them, the disenrolled just for living.

We should just admit that we don't belong because they hate us. We should just eat dirt and sing Robert Smith's praises because he is the ruler and must be right. We should respect Leroy Miranda for his revisionist history, where he says he is preserving the culture and history of the tribe while he makes it all up.

We should just let the crooks steal the money, kick us when we are down, influence the BIA, the lawyers, and the judges with their tainted money, and ruin the Tribe and the Reservation.

Pala is such a wonderful place to live in now. Everyone sucking up to their failed leaders, shaming themselves with their treatment of the disenrolled, cowering in the corners fearing the day when they too will be removed from the rolls because the leaders want some more money for them and their family.

Get some backbone people! Go to the meaning and show these corrupt criminals what being a man is all about. Move to impeach Leroy Miranda. Tell Robert Smith to uphold the constitution. Now is the time, the election is coming up.

Anonymous said...

The EC in Pala is the white man,they speak with a forked tongue! They make empty promises, they tell lies!

Anonymous said...

Ya,the vice chairman also speaks with shit on his tongue,remember he is gay.

Anonymous said...

I recently heard that leroy was mad at wal-mart.
I quess he heard that all mens pants were 1/2 off.but when he got there he found out that they were talking about the PRICE.

Anonymous said...

Leroy, go to warners springs and hang yourself,and take smith,nieto,perez and macaro with you.

Anonymous said...

Ya, and may the 5 of you hang in peace

Anonymous said...

Remember fellow Pala members, watch the EC carefully. I personally think its odd how the young man that Leroy was trying to pick up on & refused his advances family is rumored to be the next disenrolled..... The EC would be stupid to continue on with the disenrollments, especially this family (no I am not a Moro) because of loony Leroy's advances on one of their young male family members. Not everyone wants to belong to the butt buddy club Leroy. Get him off the EC, ban him from the casino.