Monday, September 17, 2012

More on Democratic Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren's Family Native American MYTHOLOGY vs Geneology from Twila Barnes

Democratic candidate for Senate in MA Elizabeth Warren used false information to trade on Native American values in getting a job at Harvard. Twila Barnes, who writes at the blog Thoughts from Polly's Granddaughter continues her expose: **September 15, 2012, a story came out in the Boston Globe that had a picture of Harry Reed and a caption that said, "Harry Reed was part Indian, say descendants." The article that followed was very long, full of misconceptions about Cherokee history and based on nothing but family lore. The article is so long, I will write a series of posts dealing with one topic at a time so my readers don't get lost in the information.**

In the article by the Globe, Ina Mapes says her grandmother, Laura Crawford, said her grandfather, Everett Reed, "had one-quarter tribal blood." Everett was the brother of Elizabeth Warren's grandfather, Harry Reed. Later in the article, Warren's brother says Harry Reed was "part Delaware, a little bitty bit, way back." Everett and Harry had the same parents, Joseph H. Reed and Charity Gorman. So how could one be a quarter Indian blood and the other be a little bitty bit?

If they were truly Indian, whatever parent that blood came through would most likely be identified as an Indian. The grandparent definitely would have. No matter what people like to claim today, full bloods and half bloods did not pass for white. It was not how one identified themselves, but how the community they lived in viewed them.

Indians did not exist in a vacuum. The blood would come through a continuous line of Indians, not just one. And at some time, those Indians that blood came through would have to be found living among their people. They would not be found in genealogical records listed as white going back to at least 1760, as the Reeds are. You can find their genealogy by going to Elizabeth Warren, who do you think you are? and Elizabeth Warren, Who Do You Think You Are - Part 2. Notice in Part 2, the aunt of Harry and Everett Reed writes a letter to her son, cousin to Harry and Everett, telling him his pa is afraid he will be exposed to the Indians.

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Anonymous said...

If you type Temculapatch in your search box they have a story on disenrollment. Mark Macarro is the poster boy for corrupt Indian government.

Anonymous said...

for the saginaw chippewas it would be the phil peters -audrey falcon -and fred cantu administrations .
aleast for the most recent Councils , after they lock their enrollment in and change our laws to suite their greed .
all three chiefs i just mentioned claim ancestory threw collateral tracing by a great grandfather that owned an alottment,
as of the IRA era their grand parents refused to be recongnized as indian and did not want to be controlled by the united states goverment , so why now 70 years later they want to claim now .
$,$$$,$$$ thats what its all about .
just ask a davis.

the new administration is to chicken shit to lay down the law .
and make things right .
(dis-enroll )
they all know who screwed our tribe and its people over .

every tribe has its mark maccoro
falcons-peters-cantus and yes davis families that take whats not theirs.

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