Monday, September 24, 2012

Mark Macarro,Leader of Tribe That Steals Millions from It's People, Violates Their Civil and Human Rights Among California's Political Elite

Congratulations Governor Jerry Brown, you turn away from protecting the rights of Native Americans in California by listening the Mark Macarro?

Capitol Weekly Has the Top List

44. Mark Macarro Mark Macarro of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians was on the ground floor of making tribal gaming acceptable to the public in California: He backed critical ballot propositions and he put the issue front and center in the Capitol. The gaming tribes wield significant influence in the Capitol and Pechanga is no exception. Issues include tribal gaming compacts, which the tribes will have to negotiate with the governor, and a new round of debates in 2013 over online gaming and sports wagering.

Macarro tried to keep Californian's from voting on expanded gaming.  Should he have a say in whether California has online gaming?

It's time to make casino gaming LEGAL in California.


Anonymous said...

Let’s not forget Mark put his brother John Macarro as head legal advisor of Pechanga. He does not have a license to practice law in California he was also found by the Pechanga to have been using the Pechanga government credit card for his own personal gain. Mark’s wife holly’s law firm represents Pechanga which he put in place without tribal vote. Holly’s law firm has been let go by other tribe’s her firm only represents one or two tribes. Mark presented a water bill this concerned the rights of allottees and he stated before congress that no allottees has been disenrolled yet the truth is he has disenrolled allottees. When the families were disenrolled mark his brother and others skimmed a percent of the money before it went to the pool for per capita. This is a person that lies cheats and commits criminal acts.

Anonymous said...

You can bet Mark is going to grease as many palms as necessary to try and get he online do you start a petition to have California ban these tribes that are violating members rights by not allowing expansion or online gambling as long as they are kicking members out?...but even better would be a petition or proposition to allow gambling to all....not just tribes....can you imagine he money Mark would spend to defeat that? it just me or do those fake Indians in the new San Manuel commercial wear blue head rags to look like crips for a reason?.

Anonymous said...

What does "self reliance" really mean to you mark macarro ? I would have NEVER voted for prop. 5 if I would have known how you were gonna pervert it ! ! !
You think you're above everyone & everything including the law ... God sees you & what you are doing To your own.