Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Live Nation/House of Blues Will Be Booking Acts On Apartheid Practicing Indian Reservation

Pechanga Resort & Casino announced Monday that the entertainment giant, Live Nation and its House of Blue Entertainment division will begin booking entertainment acts for the casino.

"You'll probably start seeing shows booked by Live Nation in 2013, maybe slightly before," said Pechanga Resort & Casino Public Relations Manager Robert Bledsoe.

According to Bledsoe, Pechanga logs more than seven million visitors per year, and the tribally-owned facility ranks as the second most visited entertainment resort in California, and the top casino facility. For the past few months, the casino has been searching for new alternatives to its already successful entertainment ventures.

"We have been looking at different promoters and booking agents, because we felt it was time to move our entertainment to the next level," Bledsoe said. "Most importantly, what we're really trying to do is repositioni ourselves as one of Southern California's top venues ---- casino or not."

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Anonymous said...

Looks like they need a group "Artists Against Pechanga" Like they had against South Africa's Sun City.

Aparheid is deplorable...unless you are getting PAID.