Monday, July 9, 2012

Interior Board of Indian Appeals (IBIA) Accepts Snoqualmie Appeal

The Snoqualmie Emergency Interim Tribal Council (SEITC), elected by the people of the Snoqualmie Tribe has seen their election failed to be recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.   It seems the worthless BIA have seen fit to keep a council that has overstayed their constitutionally mandated term.   Is that squatters rights?

Newly elected chairmwoman Carolyn Lubenau seeks to have the IBIA overturn the decision.

The Decision discusses principles of noninterference by BIA in internal tribal matters and concludes that BIA "will not recognize the [May 13 and 20] membership. . and upcoming [June 2] special meeting. We also will not recognize [SEITC] as a legitimate tribal government. We will not recognize the results of the election or any action at a meeting on June 2, 2012, nor will we fund, assist, or provide any administrative support for the June 2, 2012, meeting." Decision at 1.

Has anyone figured out what the BIA does except screw up tribal matters?

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smokeybear said...


And remember how you felt when everything that you knew about your "Birthright and Heritage" was stripped away from you by members of your own tribe and there wasn't a "Damn" thing you could do about it? You thought because you had "Proof" on you side, and a "Constitution and Bylaws" that should have come into play, and could have stopped all this "Foolishness?" And you never thought this could actually happen, but it did. Sovereignty was suppose to be a good thing for all "Native Americans," to self govern for the betterment of all Indians, but it has become a "Corrupt and Criminal" tool for "Greed and Self Interest." So there is no giving up here, not even, for if you quit these "Treasonous Leaches" will "Erase" everything that you stand for as an "American Indian!" Keep the fight alive, and never back down, for if you do: "They Win!" The "Corrupt and Criminal" will be caught, they alway do. You need to turn the "Heat Up," and "Vengence Will Be Yours!"...."Eagle Eyes."