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Thursday, July 26, 2012

President Obama Pockets Money from Civil Rights Abusers. Is KKK NEXT on the Fundraising List, Mr. President?

Amazing.  Thousands of Native Americans have been harmed by their tribes.   Now, we hear that President Obama has taken money from at least two tribes in a fundraiser, that have violated the rights of their people:  The Oneida Tribe and The Cherokee Nation.

We've posted on the Cherokee Freedmen  and there is a horrific video on the Oneida action at Tribal 

Here's the story:

Confirmed to be at the event were Deborah Parker, vice-chair of the Tulalip Tribe; Bill John Baker, principal chief of the Cherokee Nation; Todd Hembree, attorney general of the Cherokee Nation; David Bean, a council member of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians; and Ray Halbritter, Oneida Indian Nation representative (Indian Country Today Media Network, LLC is owned by the Oneida Indian Nation). Muckleshoot, Nisqually, Suquamish, and other Indian-focused and tribal officials were also in attendance.

Read more at Indian Country Today, owned by the Oneida Nation


Anonymous said...

You have only one option'em or leave'em....there is no in between trumps all in this game.

Anonymous said...

So the Democrats choose to side with civil rights abusers?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you check and see who gave to Romney before calling out only Obama?

OPechanga said...

The President is in charge and in power. Romney is not.

Andrew Masiel supports Obama, is a Democratic Party operative. Holly Macarro worked for the Democratic party and represents tribes like Chukchansi. Mark Macarro was on the platform commitee for the Democratic party. Butch Murphy got a busload of kids to the Democratic Party meeting to vote against civil rights for Native Americans. Robert Smith of Pala is an Obama supporter.

smokeybear said...

And that says it "All...."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

And as soon as a republican gets voted in...all the people you mentioned will turn republican !!...