Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Winnemem Wintu Tribal Chief Caleen Sisk Has to STARVE herself to Get A Meeting With Virgil Atkins of the BIA.

Bureau of Indian Affairs and Winnemem Wintu Tribal Chief Caleen Sisk will discuss issues regarding tribal recognition to protect sacred sites and ceremonies 

On Friday, July 6th, Dr. Virgil Akins, Superintendent, BIA of Northern California agreed to meet with Winnemem Wintu Tribal Chief and Spiritual Leader, Caleen Sisk to discuss the issues surrounding a ‘technical correction’ to restore the tribe’s status as a federally recognized tribe. 

The tribe lost their recognition due to a bureaucratic error in the mid-80s, and the California State Assembly, through AJR -39, and the California Native American Heritage Commission have long urged the federal government to restore that recognition. 

The meeting, scheduled for Wednesday July 11th, will end the twenty-four day fast of Chief Sisk and her nephew Arron Sisk, who have sought the BIA’s intervention into the U.S. Forest Service’s inability to protect the Tribe’s recent Coming of Age Ceremony on the McCloud River arm of Shasta Lake. 

At previous Coming of Age ceremonies for the tribe’s young women, the Forest Service has only enforced voluntary closures, which many recreational boaters have ignored – leading to well documented racial slurs, harassment, and abusive language (http://vimeo.com/39867112) 

For six years, the Tribe has asked the Forest service for a mandatory closure of the area because of the harassment, but Forest Service officials say no law allows them to do it. The Tribe cites the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, the 2008 Farm Bill sec. 8104, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples signed by President Obama as more than enough authority, but Regional Forester Randy Moore stated that the tribe is not a ‘federally recognized’ tribe and therefore the provisions in those authorities do not apply. 

After a great deal of public pressure, a mandatory closure of the river was issued this year for ‘safety’ reasons, but the Forest Service said they had no authority to close off the land area to anyone that wished to enter because the tribe was not federally recognized. During past ceremonies the tribe not only suffered harassment from boaters, but also disruptions of the ceremony by fishermen walking through the ceremonial grounds, and curiosity seekers coming into camp. 

Because of the Forest Service’s lack of authority to issue a full mandatory closure of the area, Spiritual and Tribal Leader Sisk has been fasting and praying since Monday, June 18th, that the Forest Service, BIA, or whoever has the authority to grant the tribes request for full closure of their ceremonial sites during times of ceremony, come forward and do so. 

“That campground was my grandfather’s land that they took and never compensated us. They can’t even show the papers that show how they got it,” Sisk said. “And now all we’re asking for in return is four days of peace and dignity for ceremony.” 

“It’s not too much to ask for,” she said. 



Anonymous said...

BIA sucks!

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I can't post what I really think sorry.

Anonymous said...

Is juana apish the girl that everyone was talking about?????

Anonymous said...

Juana apish is my great grand mother and I have 1929 documents from the Sec of Interior that are approved and state she is full blooded pechanga.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you, BIA. THE HARM YOU HAVE CAUSED TO INDIVIDUAL INDIAN PEOPLES BRINGS SHAME TO THIS COUNTRY. ONCE AGAIN, THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS OPPRESSORS AGAINST INDIVIDUAL INDIAN PEOPLE. WE ASK OURSELVES EACH DAY, HOW CAN OUR U.S. GOVERNMENT STAND BY LIMP WRISTED, WATCHING CORRUPT TRIBAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES COMMIT HEINOUS ACTS OF HATRED AGAINST THEIR PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE ARE CRYING OUT, PLEASE HEAR OUR CRIES AND ACT SWIFTLY AGAINST THOSE PEOPLE WHO BRING PAIN AND SUFFERING INTO OUR LIVES. Stop using Santa Clara Pueblo vs. Martinez as an excuse to allow tribal governments to harm their people. That case has turned out to have more punch than the Indian Civil Rights Act! Is this how it was intended to be? Don't you see that this Santa Clara Pueblo case is so commonly used out of context as a loophole to oppress Indian people as individuals? US Govt: your BIA agency (CALIFORNIA) is weak and ineffective. You need to appoint people who will are fair and will not tolerate corrupt tribal officials and their corrupt non Indian lawyer. Shame on Indian lawyers who work on their behalf to oppress individual Indian peoples. This has to stop now.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Indian lawyers who work on their behalf to oppress individual Indian peoples. This has to stop now.

PIG ASS, lawyers (holland and knight) you SUCK,.....are blood is all over your FUCKING HANDS,..