Monday, July 16, 2012

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro's Wife's Firm Has Taken $1 MILLION For Lobbying Fees From The Tribe

I think it's interesting that the wife of the tribal chairman of Pechanga, Mark Macarro can get $1 million for her lobbying firm,IETAN CONSULTING, which we've written about before.

Is it any wonder that Macarro's former pals from the Corrupt Pechanga People (CPP) went after him in a recall attempt?

So let's see, Macarro draws his per capita check from the tribe (grown larger by the two disenrollments of large family and kept big by an unconstitutional moratorium) his tribal chairman salary (AND HUGE EXPENSE ACCOUNT) and then wets his beak from the Pechanga money his wife shares as a principal.

How EFFECTIVE are the lobbying efforts? Well, the tribe and it's million dollar lobbyists LOST their water rights bill efforts against three family representatives of allottees who parked their car outside the front door of their motel. NICE SPENDING. It's interesting to note that Pechanga is more than 10% of IETAN'S retainer fees. Who needs who more? Pechanga, or Holly Cook Macarro

SEE IETAN'S Income here:



Interesting to note that they lobby FOR HUMAN RIGHTS:

Hoh Tribe $20,000 - Human Rights

While at the SAME time taking money from tribes that VIOLATE the Human Rights of their own people:

Chukchansi Economic Development Auth $280,000 - Casinos/Gambling

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians $260,000 -

Redding Rancheria $ 80,000 -



Anonymous said...

You reading the chart wrong since 2007 holly has been getting 2 million plus a year from pechanga (what fucking racket) marks stealing from the tribe.

Anonymous said...

sorry read that wrong but, funny how mark only pays money to her firm several years in a row (conflict of interest)as a tribal council members !

Same thing as having a CARD DEALER school !

Anonymous said...

Now wonder mark

1. has a freeze on enrollment

2. Conspired to keep real blood out!
3. Runs for head of council and threatens to dis enroll people who challenge him. (felony)

4. Conspiracy to defraud casino (by way of lobby funds) through his wife).

5. That was his deal (Jennies was to take money out(marks was to lobby it out)....

Anonymous said...

Baseless accusations don't help.

It's probably not illegal either, unethical maybe.

It is curious that Chukchansi does more disenrollments after having IETAN as a lobbyist. Were they running defense?

Anonymous said...

unethical maybe (Rape is criminal)

Anonymous said...

your never gonna be enrolled, they don't care what you say or write

Anonymous said...

You care because your reading it, and responding to it.

Anonymous said...

This article must have someone worried.

Anonymous said...

The tribe must appear to be honest if it is to continue to operate a casino that shares some of it's profits with the State of California, Mark Macarro has brought the tribe's honesty into question with his approval of payments to his wife and brother which are blatant conflicts of interest, and his refusal to report kickbacks, bribery and outright theft by other tribal officials, to appropriate authorities. The only thing between Mark and a jail cell are the banks that will lose the better part of a billion dollars on their loans, and the employees that will lose their jobs if the casino is shut down. Look for Mark to cut the percap to zero, and redirect the casino’s profits to pay back the banks, the State, and the people that have been defrauded by Mark and the other crooks after the election. Mark will sell out the current tribal members in a heartbeat to save his own diminutive hide.

Anonymous said...

Who should we address these concerns to? Why hasn't John Macarro paid a price for using a tribal credit card?

Should banks be in control of criminal matters? How does Mark pay the TRIBE back? That's not his personal funds.

Anonymous said...

I can see why Raymond Sr. was so upset, this was money his niece could have stolen..

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Holland and Knight lobby firm (that holly worked for)

2001 240,000
2002 240,000
2003 240,000
2004 440,000
2005 240,000
2006 240,000
2007 240,000

Anonymous said...

Lobbying is needed by tribes. I just think it's interesting that the tribe would give Macarro's WIFE's company the business, when Holland/Knight had so much pull already.

Why go with a new start up?

Anonymous said...

Well its quite simple, and mark never should have been allowed to let his wifes company take over the lobby business(conflict of interest).

Can Member John Blowheads (example) wifes company have all the vending contracts in the casino? Can she have all the profit from all the CHIP machines?

I DON'T think so?

Anonymous said...

Questioned Larry Rosenthal and the rest of his clowns. They take pleasure throughout indian country ripping off tribes, that will let them.

Firm's such as this are on the lookout to rip off tribes, in general.
This type of mode of operation, should be seriouly scutinized under a microscope.

The language turners!!!

Banna can I have another bowel!

Anonymous said...

All the more reason to hold field hearings, right Mr. Hastings?

Find out what is going on!

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous quote above: Holly was a lobbyist for Holland & Knight prior to Ietan. She eventually married Mark, left H&K, and then went to Ietan.

Re John Macarro, how in the heck is he the head of Pechanga's Legal Department when he couldn't pass a bar exam? True, he has a law degree. . . but he's not a lawyer. How many other heads of legal departments for multi-million $ organizations do you know who can't legally enter a courtroom and represent anyone? Ridiculous. Oh that's right . . . he's the brother of the chairman.

Justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

What a conflict of Intrest as a tribal leader he should k kw this is wrong and not use her firm of course there are alot of things he does he should not do. The tribe should speak up !!!

'aamokat said...

Justiceforpaladisenrolled, Some Pechanga tribal members don't seem to care as long as they are getting their per capita checks.

You would think that they would care especially if the general council (the membership) who is supposed to be the final authority in such matters, did not approve using her company in the first place.

But it is not surprising as when I bring up the fact with some of them that the tribe voted to outlaw disenrollment the previous year prior to our disenrollment, a typical response is, "that's politics and I don't get involved in that sort of thing" even when they acknowledge that they know what happened to my family is wrong.

Why should they care it didn't happen to them? Like I said, they are still getting their checks.

So why should they care, also, if Mark is throwing some money to his wife's firm?

But other tribal members don't really know what is going on on both what happened to us as it was done behind closed doors and some don't know the facts and what is going on with th lobbying firm so it is our job to keep getting the information out there.

As sad as it is for your families, what happened at Pala has brought the focus back out into the public consciousness and more people are seeing what happened to us as well.