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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pala Chairman Robert Smiths Meets With President Obama at Conference

The chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians met with President Barack Obama on Thursday as part of a 12-member delegation of tribal leaders to discuss American Indian issues ranging from law enforcement to health care. Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro was not chosen to meet with the President.

The face-to-face meeting with the president was part of the larger White House Tribal Nations Conference, a one-day meeting held at the Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C., to give tribal leaders an opportunity to meet and talk with representatives of the Obama administration.

Pala Chairman Robert Smith said he was honored to have been chosen to represent California Indian tribes at the meeting with the president.


"It was quite an experience," Smith said. "I was surprised and happy." 

In the 20-minute meeting, Smith said, he emphasized the need to appoint more American Indian judges in federal courts and the need for more funding for the Bureau of Indian Affairs to provide services for poor and nongambling tribes.   Violations of civil rights by Indian tribes should also be a topic of discussion


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Maccarro thinks he was snubbed and not worthy or ...

if he has justified his not being elected to represent the indian nation was just becasue he did not draw the short straw?

Anonymous said...

Did Chairman Smith say that violations of civil rights by Indian tribes should also be a topic for discussion or was this added on by O.P.?

if he did say this, that would be good for us.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr. Smith for besting Macarro and getting the chance to meet face to face with the President.

The Prez probably knew he'd get B.S.'d by Macarro

Anonymous said...

A coup for Pala over Pechanga

Anonymous said...

Why do you people make everything about Macarro?
Look it's raining outside, I bet Macarro's getting real wet now.
He's your boogie man, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Macarro is the face of Pechanga, the leader, the person who could have ended all this strife. The one who could have been the best tribal leader in this century.

Instead, he's abused is power, led the theft of hundreds of millions from rightful tribal members. He's led the way for hundreds more to not share in what is rightfully there.

Nobody knows any of the other council members.

Anonymous said...

Macarro is losing his luster with politicians now that his lies have been exposed with this water rights issue.

Even ISSA may grant oversight hearings now.

Anonymous said...

As a Native American from Southern California I'm proud that we were represented by Mr. Smith.
By bringing up Macarro you aretaking the light from Mr. Smith.

Anonymous said...

That night i saw Mark and his wife at BofA jumping up and down like South American Monkey's sceaming at people.....

Anonymous said...

Its all about the Money!Enough of the Sovereign Nation.. why cant the Indians understand that the ones feeding them are following laws that they should be following as well.. It would be nice if Government allows gambling by private sector... then you dont have to travel to the middle of nowhere! Its about time "Not just the Tribes" get all the benefits from Casinos!!!