Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Glenda Nelson Enterprise Rancheria Civil Rights Violator, Should She Pass a White House Background Check?

We've written on OP Blog's Hall of Shame Inductee Glenda Nelson before HERE   and HERE    She is a nominee to be the western representative to President Obama's upcoming Tribal Nations Conference.   Shouldn't stripping rightful members from their voting rights and tribal membership just prior to being recalled be enough to disqualify her in her background check.  Do we want someone like this close to the President?    Her actions would relate to EIGHT MILLION CALIFORNIANS being stripped of their voting rights.  

Currently Chairwoman of the Enterprise Rancheria tribe, Glenda Nelson was at the forefront of the disenrollment of 72 of her fellow tribal members. Those same 72, subsequently disenrolled members, had signed a recall petition against Nelson and four other members of the Enterprise Rancheria Tribal Council who were guilty of taking multiple cash distributions from the tribe's Human Services Fund for the needy.

Ironically, Glenda Nelson was the tribe's Treasurer in September 2003 when this occurred. She successfully suspended the 72 members, pending disenrollment, in a manner timely to prevent those members from voting in the recall election scheduled to be held seven days later.

Nelson orchestrated the systematic violation of the 72 member's civil rights and has never made any attempt to rectify the injustice that occurred as a result of her actions.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs, in spite of the violations of tribal law committed, turned the other cheek on the acts committed by Enterprise Rancheria's tribal government.

How would eliminating 25% of the vote affect tribal elections?  

Here's how:   In the most recent Enterprise Rancheria tribal elections in 2003, prior to the disenrollments in Sept. 2003, there were only 115 total votes cast from the 215 voting members.  Needless to say the 72 members who were suspended pending disenrollment made up two thirds of that 115 total votes cast. That's why the 72 were suspended. To stop the recall vote that was due just a week later. Once the 72 were suspended the recall election was over as there was no way it could proceed.

Imagine if Democrats could get 2/3 of the Republican Senator eliminated?       So, it's only 180 Americans killed on 9/11 at the Pentagon would say the  1.2 Billion population Chinese.   It has to be relative.   Would Al Gore have been President if he could have eliminated 250,000 Republican votes in FL.    Well that's RELATIVE to what Glenda Nelson did to save herself from recall.


Anonymous said...

In addition, Glenda forced the family to disecrate the graves of the Foreman's grandmother and great grandmother to prove their DNA. Once proven with over 99% accuracy, she wouldn't honor the independent and separate labs findings. How insensitive to the needs of this family and how much dishonor and disrespect she has earned. No one should ever be in a position of leadership that would do this to any human being.

OPechanga said...

You a confusing the despicable Enterprise Rancheria with the equally despicable Redding Rancheria.

Anonymous said...

I hope more people see this and something gets done she is so evil and not to mention those in her pocket… she herself needs a dna test and everyone in that tribe.