Wednesday, December 15, 2010

IETAN CONSULTING: Anatomy of a Lobbying Firm, Working to Keep the Small Tribes From Enjoying the Benefits of Gaming

MOVING this post forward, since the Senate seems so interested today.  Thanks for visiting.

Recently at an NCAI (National Conference of American Indians) meeting, a handout worked its way around the meeting. This handout details the incestuous nature of a lobbying group IETAN CONSULTING and allies in the Obama Administration and Congress. This is particularly insightful in light of Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein's recent work to keep tribes from gaining casinos as their land is placed into trust.
We've posted on trust land issues before, concerning Mark Macarro.

While you would hope and think that Native American lobbyists would be working for the good of all Native people, sadly this isn't the case. As the document will show, IETAN has been working to keep smaller tribes from enjoying the benefits of gaming. Isn't that reprehensible?

We've posted numerous times of the civil rights violations of some of IETAN's clients, including the incredibly rich tribe, The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and other tribes like the Picayune Rancheria and the Redding Rancheria. Comically, they also have clients that Open Secrets lists as HUMAN RIGHTS. How can they give an effort to protect one tribe's human rights, while working for other principal clients that have destroyed the civil and human rights of their people?

Here's the multi-page document on IETAN CONSUTULTING:

Ietan Story: Tribal Lobbyist Firm

Now, this document paints with a broad brush and throws Jack Abrahamoff's name about. We do know there is a connection between former IETAN team member and Abrahamoff, but we'd take that with a grain of salt. We will have more on IETAN, Holly Cook Macarro and AKIN GUMP.

Read more about the brutally corrupt treatment of Indian People at Pechanga, Picayune and Redding.


creeper said...

How convenient for corrupt Chairman Mark Macarro to have his Wife Holly Macarro and IETAN in his pocket, to top it off they have support from Politicians who where elected to enforce our Laws.

Congress must amend and enforce the ICRA.

We need punitive actions against corrupt Tribal Leaders and their willing Cohort.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and we must demand it and MARCH at all reservations unified Bring all wronged Disenrolled, moritorium descendents,and any Tribal members inside that want thier family Back to help restore custom ,Tradition and the Heritage of the INDIAN WAY,we must demand change AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE INDIAN CIVIL RIGHTS ACT, We Must act now while PRESIDENT OBAMA IS WATCHING AND OUR CONGRESS,LETS MAKE SOME NOISE.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's make some loud & out noise!

Let America learn about the cohorts
(IETAN) the chicken-crap trouble makers, contunously hatching their confused corruptive hate, sin & evil towards - Native American citizens of North America!


There is enough catalog evidence, to warrant into a Ietan-gate investigation - think about it!

They have damaged enough tribes tribalness - INVESTIGATE!

Anonymous said...

WHAT has the tribe gotten for their $1.2 MILLION? What success has IETAN gotten?

They LOST their last water bill fight. They are losing this one.