Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tribe Behind on Payments to State.

Arnold said he would get our fair share. What about when tribes don't PAY? How are we going to recover our money? How will be balance our budget if tribes don't PAY?


Santa Ysabel casino behind on payments
By: EDWARD SIFUENTES - Staff WriterSmall casino's financial woes cited as reason for delay in remitting gaming fees Monday, March 3, 2008 11:09 PM PST

NORTH COUNTY -- The Santa Ysabel tribe is more than $400,000 behind on impact fees to the county for its casino near Julian and also owes an undisclosed amount in overdue payments to the state, officials said.Tribal and county officials began meeting last week to resolve the issue, said John Snyder, the county's director of public works. Snyder declined to disclose the specifics of the talks that started on Feb. 25."It was a first step in the discussion," he said.The tribe owes the money to pay for extra law enforcement, ambulance and problem gambling costs associated with its Santa Ysabel Resort and Casino.Under a 2005 agreement with the county, the 700-member tribe is supposed to pay the county a minimum of almost $600,000 a year.The tribe currently owes $203,000 for the cost of assigning one sheriff's deputy to the reservation, $150,000 for the problem gambling program, $50,000 for a criminal prosecutor, and $7,000 for emergency medical response, according to a letter the county sent to tribal chairman Johnny Hernandez.

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