Monday, March 31, 2008

Pechanga: Show us the Money!

With new slots springing up, we Californians need to know WHEN do we get PAID? When are the checks that will eliminate our budget woes to arrive in Sacramento? I encourage all of you to write your congressperson and ask when we will see the $9 BILLION

The Pechanga Resort & Casino near Temecula previously operated the maximum number of machines -- 2,000 -- and additional video-bingo machines that were similar to slot machines.

The casino has 1,300 new slot machines in place and is converting about 500 video bingo machines to slot machines, said Amy Minniear, president of the Pechanga Development Corp.

Morongo and Pechanga have agreements allowing them to add 5,500 new machines, so they could add many more if they wish.

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