Saturday, May 5, 2007

Can Pechanga be Left Out in the Cold?

Pechanga has been getting a lot of bad press lately. A report on their disenrollment was on the local news in Palm Springs:

Shortly after, KABC 7 did a stand up in front of the Pechanga Casino, with Robert Holguin reporting.

Then, KNBC 4 in Los Angeles did a POWERFUL expose that showed Pechanga Chairman MARK MACARRO to be LYING in the first 15 seconds of the piece, and also portrayed Pechanga's EXPERT in the matter, Dr. John Johnson who showed that Hunter Family ancestor Paulina Hunter WAS PECHANGA:

Then at the California Democratic Convention in San Diego, Candidate for POTUS, Dennis Kucinich spoke out against disenrollment and denial of civil rights to Native Americans AT THE NATIVE AMERICAN Caucus... All eyes focused on the Pechanga Tribal Council that was in the audience.

Will Morongo and San Manuel stand up against their rival Pechanga?

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