Thursday, May 31, 2007

BOYCOTT Pechanga Because of Civil Rights Violations

People of California,

It's past time to boycott the Casino of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

As a sovereign nation, they have the right to determine membership, they have the right to violate their tribal laws, they have the right to go against the will of the people, they have the right to impose an illegal moratorium, they have the right to put a white man on the council while saying that true Pechanga Blood is not "really Pechanga". They have the right to take away health care for their elders. They have the sovereign right to take away educational assistance to members. They ahve the sovereign right to take away over $250,000 in per capita payments so that remaining members can get over $300,000.

But, should the People of the State of California support an enterprise that would do that to their own people?

Should the Government of the State of California REWARD the Pechanga Tribe for violations of California citizens civil rights?

Should the people of California allow a rich tribe more riches when they are not taking care of their people as promised? Would you reward Hollywood Park with more races if they kicked out their longest employees? Or, their black employees?

Pechanga has treated their own citizens, well, the ones they couldn't control through fear, in a Nazi-like fashion. They have destroyed Indians with impunity. Why would people go there. Take your business elsewhere! There are plenty of Indian Casinos on reservations where they look after their people. Let Pechanga know WHY you are no longer going to go to their casino.

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