Monday, May 22, 2017

Snoqualmie Tribe Purchase LIFE SAVING equipment for Kinds County Sheriff's Dept.

So proud of the Snoqualmie Tribe.  Benefitting the people..all the people with life saving devices

The Snoqualmie Tribe donated 200 defibrillators to the King County Sheriff’s Department, Snoqualmie Police Department and the Snoqualmie Tribe Police Department.

KING-TV reported ( ) last week the donation, which cost the tribe $180,000, will allow every deputy’s car to have an electronic device.

Snoqualmie Tribal Council Member Richard Zambrano got the idea for the donation after hearing King County Sheriff John Urquhart speak on the radio about the need for every deputy’s car in King County to have a defibrillator after one deputy had a heart attack on the job.

“It’s huge. We never thought that we could get one source who was willing to spend a significant amount of money to provide these AED’s, so now almost every patrol car has an AED in their trunk, and that’s going to save lives,” Sheriff Urquhart said. “On a day to day basis we don’t really know what kind of call we’re going to get and often times, well, every day, we are dispatched with the fire department at the same time for a medical alert call and often times we get there first and if we can apply that AED right away we can save lives.”

Chief Fenton said this is just the latest in the tribe’s commitment to doing good for others.

“Everything that is occurring here with this organization and this government, they stand tall, and there’s a lot of pride that goes into that. And again, it’s not about the dollar amount it’s about what we can accomplish at the end of the day, and for this particular project it’s about saving lives,” Chief Fenton said.
Soon after, the tribal council approved the purchase.


TogetherAsOne said...

Love this! We are ALL one together! Thus we must stand as one together against the greed and corruption that the casino people have created in Indian country! Keep all the stories coming rick! You're fanily and ancestors are very proud! Aho!

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

And PBMI donated $250k to Fallbrook Library. Who are the good guys?

Anonymous said...

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