Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chukchansi Faction WHINES About Support For North Fork Rancheria

Wah!  The stinking corrupt leaders of the Picayune Rancheria now care about the WILL of the CA voters?  Bet the voters wouldn't like them MACING their elders... Here's a letter to the editor of the Sierra Star News.

The Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians Tribe has long stood opposed to the illegal, off-reservation North Fork casino, proposed for 99 more than 35 miles from the Mono Tribe's land. This off-reservation casino absolutely flies in the face of the will of California's voters and their "yes" vote on Proposition 1A in 2000.

Just as importantly from our perspective, the illegal North Fork casino will decimate our 10-year, $350 million investment in the Chukchansi Gold Casino – Madera County's largest employer, supporting more than 1,100 jobs and annually pumping millions of dollars into the county economy.

Madera County Supervisor Tom Wheeler ignored these critical points in his comments in "Funds pour in to put North Fork casino on the ballot" in the Sept. 24 edition of the Star. Supervisor Wheeler touts the proposed Mono casino as an economic benefit without acknowledging that most of the dollars North Fork would earn and the jobs that illegal casino might create will come at the expense of our tribe, our casino and the more than 1,000 Madera County families who rely on Chukchansi Gold for a paycheck.

Supervisor Wheeler rails against what he calls "an intrusion of our local economic development and land use planning authority."

We'll make the obvious point: What about the economic development opportunities our tribe will lose if this casino is built?


This faction of the Chukchansie Tribal Councils asks the QUESTION: What about the economic development opportunities our tribe will lose if this casino is built? ANSWER: WHAT ABOUT IT? Your tribe was given those opportunities when you promised to help your tribal members. Instead, you embarrass Indian Country by your harmful actions of terminating 60% of your tribe. We write about that at ( ) You FURTHER embarrass yourselves when you pay Cal State Fresno to preserve your language AFTER getting rid of language speakers. 

While in Washington DC last week, we were able to tell the Director of the House Subcommittee On Indian and Alaskan Native Affair what harm you have done. While reservation shopping is NOT ideal, in THIS case, to provide competition that may have the ADDED benefit of putting YOUR TRIBE out of a GOOD THING. People should STAY AWAY from YOUR business entity based on this simple premise: 

IF YOU WILL CHEAT and HARM YOUR OWN PEOPLE, won't you do the same to your customers?

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