Tuesday, November 20, 2012

San Pasqual Protest Scheduled for January 13. Demanding Chairman Allen Lawson Step Down.

From the Facebook page: REZTALK  The protest will be held on January 13 ,2013 on the second Sunday of the month

The protest is about the stepping down of chairman Lawson. For possessing no BLOOD OF THE BAND. Because he does not possess blood the band .. So there for he is in violation and he must step down . 

We must remain calm and out spoken.. Non violent... When you see any of the Trask family members be vocal, but be respectful. If we are peaceful and remain calm we will be successfu
l.. We want to protest more.. And have a right to speak up and stand for what is right!

CHAIRMAN LAWSON YOU DO NOT POSSESS BLOOD OF THE BAND!! So therefoer STEP DOWN!!! You have no legal right to have any grounds of standing here in San Pasqual Reservation ever since your 1995 enrollment, you have been in violation!! 

Your father was white from Valley Center and your mother was Indian from Miwok country and pit river that clearly points out no Blood of The Band... 

And for your cousins Trask Toler family they are white from frank Trask the mastermind manipulator and conspirator..and his wife Lenora an Indian from Mesa Grande .... So their daughters Helen and florance are white and Mesa Grande... 

That makes the Toler family White and Mesa Grande.. This is clearly points out NO BLOOD OF THE BAND. So with that being said, their tribal membership is a Fraud by their own admissions. 

We are protesting so the bia can hear our protest so that they can take the action to investigate the wrong malice act and intentions of doing by the Trask family at large.

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