Saturday, September 29, 2012

Van Thu Tran gets THREE Years for Cheating Pechanga OF $2 Million; FBI Ignores Theft of $400 Million BY Pechanga

A woman who admitted helping to mastermind a casino card-shuffling scam to garner millions of dollars from casinos around the country and Canada -- including Pechanga in Temecula -- was sentenced to three years in prison Friday.

According to FBI officials, Van Thu Tran and up to 41 others cheated some 39 casinos in the United States and Canada out of $7 million, using a shuffle scam that involved bribing dealers to keep blocs of cards unshuffled.

Tran admitted forming the Tran Organization with co-defendants Phuong Quoc Truong, Tai Khiem Tran and some others.

Members of the criminal organization bribed casino card dealers and supervisors to perform false shuffles during card games, thereby creating “slugs,” or groups of unshuffled cards.

The conspirators would arrange to have someone count cards, then signal to a dealer to leave a bloc of cards unshuffled, so that the criminals could bet on the previous order of cards, according to the FBI.

The scam was perpetrated during blackjack and mini-baccarat games, the FBI reported

The FBI, active in this case has completely ignored the theft of $400 million by the Pechanga tribe, acting outside the tribal constitution.
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