Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pala Disenrollments Decried From the Pulpit. Why Hasn't The Pechanga Priest Spoken Out Against Injustice?

We heard that Pastor Randy, from the Word of God Fellowship, located on the Pala Rez, is not afraid to speak truth to power.

In his sermon today, he told his flock that the disenrollments that Robert Smith inflicted  on the Brittain Descendents was wrong.  He counseled to not get involved with liars, because they can bring you down morally.   Pray for Smith, but don't enable them.

Even good people can be caught up with bad people.  We found that out at Pechanga, when tribal members did not stand up to the CPP (corrupt Pechanga People) and they found themselves cheated out of MILLIONS that members of the Pechanga Crime Family took from the tribe.

It makes one wonder what the Catholic priest who serve Pechanga and Pala are thinking.  To they think it's okay for people like John Macarro of Pechanga and Theresa Nieto to serve as eucharistic ministers.   People like John Macarro would threaten allottees with trespass if they show up to church univited.?  Theresa Nieto has engaged in heinous acts, stripping the citizenship from lifelong members.

She bears responsibility in the death of one of the original eight who were disenrolled.   The despair Smith and Nieto caused has now  ended up with it's FIRST DEATH. 
EVIL, call thyself....CHAIRMAN
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