Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is it time to END Smoking in California Tribal Casinos?

Tribal Casinos still allow smoking in their casinos.    Employees and customers are subjected to the dangers of second hand smoke.    Is it time for CA legislators to protect the health and welfare of tribal casino employees?  They practically have eliminated smoking OUTDOORS in many cities, yet casinos are exempt.

A recent survey in New England resulted in evidence that people would prefer to gamble in a smoke free environment:

In a random-sample poll of nearly 4,000 residents of the region's six states, half of those who participated in some form of gambling in the past year say they are more likely to visit a casino where smoking is prohibited on the gaming floor. Only 15 percent say they would be less likely to visit a casino where smoking is banned, while 35 percent say it doesn't matter.

Among respondents who had actually visited a casino in the past year, 53 percent said they are more likely to visit a casino that bans smoking. Among women, who constitute a majority of slot-machine players at New England casinos, 57 percent prefer a smoke-free gaming floor, the survey found.

The evidence is piling up on customer preferences.  Yet the health of customers and employees seems to matter to tribes.

What do you think?  Time to end smoking in tribal casinos?
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