Sunday, December 12, 2010

Censorship of Bad News: Not All News is Fit to Print at

The website which is owned by Victor Rocha, a Pechanga tribal member,prides itself on being the internet news resource for Indian Country, should be ashamed this week.

Word came from the Pechanga Reservation in Temecula that long time chairman Mark Macarro, who first made news as the spokesperson for Indian Gaming in California, and later as the chairman who destroyed many lives of longtime Pechanga people by not following the Pechanga Constitution and Bylaws via moratorium, and later with the disenrollment of two large families and their votes, was the subject of a recall petition.

Original Pechanga's Blog contacted Mr. Rocha and asked why we didn't see news of the recall attempt on one of the richest tribe's chairman, he responded that "he didn't consider the blog a news source".     That's fair enough, as this blog is still growing, but finding an audience from:  The BIA, House of Representatives, Dept. Of Justice, The President's Office, The Senate, all of which have check Original Pechanga's Blog at least once in the last 10 days.   Yet, HE is a news source and HE is first cousin to Mark Macarro and his mother used to dine with Hunter descendents regularly.    It's curious that Rocha is censoring the bad news, don't you think?

If you bad news of your own tribe, are you and accomplice, or a newsman?   Why not let Indian Country know that Macarro is being looked at by members of his own tribe for ouster?    There also was no report about a Pechanga tribal member,a manager at the casino that is under investigation from the F.B.I.     You, dear readers, make the call.
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