Thursday, September 2, 2010

CA Tribes Not Enforcing Child Support Orders, forcing the State to Support the Children

A growing tragedy in CA's Indian Country. Father's who are more than capable to take care of their kids aren't doing so.

When Christina Brown got together with her soon-to-be ex-husband in the early 1990s, they were poor. But he’s a member of the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians. When the tribe’s casino opened up a few years later, the checks started rolling in, around $20,000 a month. They moved out of their mobile home into a big house. Nice cars and a 34-foot Fleetwood motor home followed.

After what she described as a worsening domestic situation, she left him in 2007. Brown, who noted that she once had a drug problem, said she’s been clean for years now. But in other ways, her present looks a lot like her past. She’s on welfare and food stamps, living with her mother in a two-bedroom house, and running four payments behind on her car. OP: So tribal gaming hasn't helped these native children.

And there’s another crucial difference: she’s responsible for the children. She has five over all — one before her husband, three with him and one after. The three youngest live with her, including two from her husband, but she says he hasn’t paid child support in years, despite the fact that he still gets thousands of dollars a month from the tribe.

Under the program, the federal government offers grants to tribes of up to $200,000 to set up their own programs to enforce child support laws, and will pay 90 percent of the ongoing cost of these programs. As of late 2008, 30 tribes had approved child support operations through the program. None are in California

See More at: CAPITOL WEEKLY My comment there:

Remember when tribes told us it was about self reliance? No, it was about getting "ours". Child care is the basic responsibility of the parents and any tribal member should be paying for their own children. Instead, the tribes think it's just that the people of California pay. When tribes eliminate members from their tribal rolls, the tribe thinks it just that elders go back on the public dole. Legally they may be on firm ground, morally, they are bankrupt. Simply DO NOT patronize tribal casinos where you KNOW they have done their own people wrong. Pechanga, Redding, Enterprise, Picayune-Chukchansi, San Pascual, Guideville are just a few of the CA tribes that do not deserve your business. Original Pechanga's Blog has more...
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