Saturday, April 24, 2010

AIRRO Sponsored Listening Session On Indigenous Rights Violations in The United States

We are attending the listening session in Temecula, sponsored by AIRRO and the Temecula Indians.

The gathering includes participants from at least ten tribes, including Jamul Indian Village, San Luis Rey, Pechanga Temecula Indians, Los Coyotes. Additionally testimony was read from Cherokee Freedmen and Creek Freedmen.

Ruth Cassell, of Los Coyotes discussed how she is standing her ground on the reservation. They called her a troublemaker, but she says that She has been on the resevation over 50 years. The termination era at Los Coyotes came with new tribal leaders and one who dictates to the people versus leading them. It's an example of voting rights abuse eliminating those that disagree.

It is akin to Democrats eliminating a branch of their legislators, say the Blue Dogs, because they don't always march in lockstep. Freedom of opinion, of thought is taken away. Is that America?

We'll follow up with more stories. Please come back and look

UPDATE: Members of the PECHANGA BAND OF LUISENO INDIANS spoke out on how they were denied due process, how the Tribal Council, led by Mark Macarro, failed to follow the Pechanga Constitution and Bylaws. Pechanga overruled the will of the people and by terminating voters, were able to control power and keep from suffering consequences. Remember how votes weren't counted in Florida? See the consequences? We got BUSH. That's what happens, fewer votes opposing you and you can win.

UPDATE: San Luis Rey tribesmen asked WHY they have to prove they ARE INDIAN people, when the government should prove they are NOT. The San Luis Rey tribe was terminated by the US Government in the 40's when their men were out fighting in WWII. They couldn't respond to any government inquiries because they were fighting the troops of Hirohito, Hitler and Mussolini. And they came back to TERMINATION. They are still looking for "recognition"

UPDATE: More Los Coyotes Band members, discussing the facts that they knew the old ways to practice burial cermonies on the elders of those that disenrolled them. One fired from her job was asked to help the new replacement, because nobody knew the job. How is that, again? You are out, but we need your help. Another member said disenrollment is akin to castration.
Kicked out of the tribe for being an "undesireable". Wow, that could empty out the Pechanga tribe, just with the Masiel Crime family alone.
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