Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pechanga Closes UnSafe venues: Silk & Eagles Nest

Uncontrolled drinking is dangerous to patrons. If Pechanga doesn't respond to request for information, they obviously, they are hiding what the issue was.

"Alcohol related problems" Could mean anything. Were they:
1. Selling watered down drinks and were caught?
2. Selling alcohol that wasn't taxed?
3. Serving minors?
4. Serving drunks?
5. Overcharging for drinks?
6. Creating fight clubs for drunken patrons?

We the people should know what Pechanga allowed in their casino, and until we do learn the truth, we should not patronize a business like that. And it looks like the 3,000 people a night that Silk had, will go elsewhere already. That should reduce some traffic and make it safer for the citizens of Riverside county.


The Pechanga Resort & Casino has closed two nightclubs because of alcohol-related problems.

The Eagle's Nest and the Silk club, a popular attraction that featured go-go dancers, were shut down last week because of unspecified alcohol issues.
"Tribal leaders have determined that an unacceptable number of incidents involving alcohol consumption have occurred at Pechanga Resort & Casino," said Amy Minniear, president of the Pechanga Development Corp., in a statement. "We are deeply troubled by these incidents and are taking numerous and decisive actions to prevent them from occurring in the future."

Pechanga did not reply to requests for details on whether the incidents involved fights, underage drinking or other problems. The tribe also did not say what it will do with those rooms while the clubs are closed or how long they will be closed.
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