Saturday, January 28, 2023

Gathering of Nations: Pechanga Descendant Cassie Whitten Helps Young People Cope and Heal

The Gathering of Nations has a powerful advocate in PECHANGA Descendant Cassie Whitten.  Our cousin was stripped of her Pechanga citizenship and forcibly removed from the Pechanga Tribal school.  The nickname of TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT doesn't represent the injustice
She does great work for our Native Youth, despite the trauma of being denied her heritage and right to belong

On January 22nd, 2023, 'ataaxum Pomkwaan hosted an intimate gathering for Indigenous youth ages 18-25.  This event is a 6 month follow up from the Gathering of Native Americans (GONA) that was held in the summer of 2022.

Today about 40 people (young adults and facilitators) met at the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel. After eating lunch, playing games and a talking circle, a sweat was provided for further spiritual and physical healing.

Pechanga is well known for violating the civil and human rights of their membership, stealing over one billion dollars from rightful tribal member's per capita and tribal benefits via disenrollment.  Disenrollment is the stripping of tribal citizenship, dishonoring the ancestors and outside the Indian Way.


Thunderbird said...

Thank you for leading by example. They knocked you down but you got back up. It definitely shows your strong character.Must run in your family!

WeRone said...

Thank you ✌����❤️

Anonymous said...

Just when you lose all faith in the human race. It seems like there are some good people out there that gives you hope.Thank you!!!