Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Indigenous Super Lawyer Gabe Galanda Successful in Snoqualmie and Modoc Disenrollment Reversals

 Excellent news on the tribal disenrollment reversal front. Noted indigenous attorney Gabriel Galanda has reported success in getting two disenrollment cases overturned

Gabe reports:  Yesterday I helped this Snoqualmie father fight for his daughter's existence. Her mother, who is non-Indigenous, was not allowed to do so, at least publicly. After she was accepted for enrollment by the Snoqualmie General Council, and welcomed home, he wept. It was beautiful.

Snoqualmie Tribe


In the Modoc case, Gabe was able to assist in her reinstatement to the tribe!   Read about that here  Well done Gabe... THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO

Gabe Galanda


Anonymous said...

Great news, keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

I was at this meeting, never saw her attorney in fact he wasn't allowed in the meeting. With that being said good work to the father and daughter, they had to plead the case and address the membership!