Thursday, April 1, 2021

Pechanga Tribe To Bring Back Disenrolled And Repay Lost (Stolen) Per Capital

 Finally! After 17 years!

The Pechanga Tribal Council, led by Marl Macarro will restore citizenship to 435 surviving  members of their 2004 and 2006 disenrollment purge of legitimate tribal members by adoptees and frauds.

“We finally realized that in order to be grouped with the major tribes, we had to do the honorable thing” said one council member who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Disenrollment was wrong, we knew it, but stealing that per capita felt so right”

The Pechanga Council’s position was that enough disenrolled elders have died, to save on healthcare costs. And hey, after stealing over $3 MILLION from those they kicked out in violation of the tribe’s wishes, the council’s wallets were getting weighed down leading to back problems.

When asked how the tribe would finance the reparations, they would only say, “the crime family will be gone”. Cryptic, but, they are known to the tribal community.

APRIL FOOLS!  The Pechanga Council will only do the honorable thing when public shaming gets strong enough. That will happen when more who were affected get off the sidelines.


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Dang you had me going for a minute!

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Pala will probably reinstate their disenrolled first since that chairman was only able to lower the blood degree so the disenrolled still have a lot of family still enrolled and many enrolled members have their blood degree lowered because of it. Those members will want their blood degree put back and their family back in the tribe like before. Either Robert will for some reason do the right thing and admit there was a mistake made or he passes and the tribe can freely look into the disenrollments and make a decision. It’s only a matter of time and smith knows this but he seems to not care since it is benefiting him now and when he goes he must not care about his family leaving them behind to suffer the consequences of his actions against Pala over the years.

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I seriously felt heard here- all I could think of was my Grandma. Rest In Peace Blessed By the Creator Matilda Cuevas Smith.