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Monday, May 16, 2016

CORRUPT CHUKCHANSI TRIBE Stands AGAINST New Tribal Casinos. Concerned about RULES, after Eliminating 600 of their OWN TRIBE.

The CHAIRWOMAN of the CORRUPT Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, which is missing $50 MILLION dollars, has eliminated 600 of their own people, elders and children included, wants YOUR  SUPPORT in keeping another tribe from bettering themselves with casino gaming.   All of a sudden PRCI is concerned about the...... rules.   

By now, you have probably heard that the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians is supporting the California Compact Protection Act, H.R. 5079. This is true. Because we are very aware that the North Fork and Enterprise Bands are circulating rumors that Picayune only supports this legislation out of a fear of competition, we felt it necessary to write to explain our position.
The North Fork and Enterprise Bands are proposing highly controversial off-reservation casinos well outside their existing tribal areas, in the aboriginal territory of other tribes. These projects are not only opposed by the surrounding tribes, they were also rejected by 61% of California’s voters. So, while Picayune will not pretend that it is not concerned about the economic impact that the North Fork off-reservation project will definitely have on our on-reservation casino, we are equally concerned about the anti IGRA backlash that has already been generated in California, and that will begin to be generated elsewhere, if North Fork’s off-reservation casino is forced on our State’s voters.
The federal court’s decision in North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians v. State of California, No. 15-cv-00419 (E.D. Cal.) represents the first time that a federal court has found a state to be acting in “bad faith” for refusing to sign an off-reservation gaming compact under a two-part determination on a site specifically rejected by a statewide referendum. It also represents the first time that a federal court has appointed a mediator who has requested the Secretary of the Interior to impose procedures allowing off-reservation Class III gaming on a site acquired in this manner. Allowing federal courts to authorize two-part determination off-reservation gaming sites over a state’s express objection presents a very real danger to IGRA, to on-reservation gaming operations, and to the delicate balance that many tribes have struck with their state neighbors.
The North Fork Band’s efforts to force the approval of an off-reservation casino site has already fueled anti-gaming sentiments in California and in Congress, and it would be unwise to ignore the risks of this decision being left unchecked. State officials across the U.S. are not going to sit quietly by and let off-reservation gaming proliferate. When this project was first advanced, it was the voters of California, not just its elected officials, who demanded a statewide referendum and vetoed the North Fork Madera site by a vote of 61% to 39%. This said something to us, and it should to you as well.  OP:  There SHOULD be anti-gaming sentiments, because of actions of tribes like Chukchansi, Pala, Pechanga, Enterprise, name just a few
The proposals of the North Fork and Enterprise Bands also have put a proposed Carcieri fix in jeopardy. Specifically, certain members of Congress have already suggested that North Fork’s and Enterprise’s efforts justify their demands for adding additional limitations in any Carcieri fix that is proposed by any Member of Congress. Others have suggested that a Carcieri fix is no longer necessary due to these proposals. Other opponents of the project are using this decision to push for an expanded state and local government role in the review and approval of all future fee-to-trust applications. The House Natural Resources Committee has already taken testimony from the California State Association of Counties, which was already calling for a county government role in the approval of all new fee-to-trust acquisitions before the North Fork decision was handed down. Many members of the House Resources Committee, who ignored this organization’s request at the time of that hearing, may well take a difference stance if the North Fork proposal continues to advance. That will hurt every tribe in the country.
Given the increasing anti off-reservation-Indian gaming sentiments resulting from the federal court’s decision in the North Fork case, and from the aggressive demands for off-reservation gaming by Enterprise, federal legislation certainly was going to be introduced in Congress. With this reality in mind, Picayune recognized the importance of working with federal legislators at the outset to keep the legislation as narrow as possible. Due in large part to our efforts, H.R. 5079 deals only with Class III off-reservation gaming in California; deals exclusively with land thought eligible for gaming through a two-part determination over the objection of the state or its voting public; and does not add any new compact approval conditions to the California Class III gaming process. Picayune is determined to continue working with Congressional leaders to keep H.R. 5079 limited to the specific problems posed by these two-part determination projects in California.
Class III compacting did not come easy in California. It took years of work and millions of dollars. Anyone familiar with the history of Indian gaming compacts in California knows that the positive relationship that our casinos now enjoy with the State only came about when the California Tribes came together and agreed to keep Indian gaming on or contiguous to their existing Rancherias and Reservations. In fact, history reflects that anti-IGRA legislation only stopped being introduced in Congress when the California Tribes stopped threatening to place casinos in off-reservation urban areas of our state.

READ THE COMPLETE story HERE: Claudia Gonzales: Off-reservation gaming fuels attacks on tribes   


Anonymous said...

It's time for California to let Gambling off reservations. Put it back up for vote and I bet the voters will approve non tribal gaming as well. These corrupt leaders of yours don't deserve what they got handed to them. It will be funny yo see Macarro and Smith go bankrupt from loss revenue stealing....I mean sharing.....imagine that huge Pechanga expansion when the economy takes another big drop, which is coming. Bye bye big per cap.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, open up gambling statewide and these gaming compacts are null and void. Poor location would cause 95% of Indian casinos to fail.

Anonymous said...

Don't be jealous.

Anonymous said...

From laurie lawhon
I'm beginning to wonder if we, as General Council, should be able to have an attorney budgeted in. It is so obvious that current & past TC of many years, use their attorneys to do whatever they want and rationalize it by saying "well the attorneys said"!this or that. Here we are, yet again, paying attorneys & allowing them to represent TC in their decisions. Then when the stuff hits the fan, it's all about blaming the attorneys for decisions only TC can make. I've stated this before & I will continue to state this - our Tribe pays attorneys for their "opinion" on any given situation, then it is up to TC to make their own decision on what to do or not do. They can use the attorneys recommendations or they can make their own decisions. Unfortunately a majority of the time, the attorneys are told - this is what I want to do, how can it be done legally. In other words, find a loop hole so that I can do what I want. This doesn't apply to every current or past Tribal Council member but those of you that it applies to, you know who you are. Praying & trying to stay hopeful that I will live to see the day that truth, honesty, and that claim to transparency prevails. Wishing everyone good health, strength, compassion, understanding & tolerance to hold strong during these trying times of our Tribe.

Anonymous said...

The special meeting began with purposing the new election ordinance. I was grateful that Chairperson Claudia Gonzales allowed the members to give feedback after the lawyer explained the changes. This ordinance as written is absolutely not ready to pass. This Tribal Council feels that nepotism on the Council is OK. I expressed my GREAT concern that nepotism was the strength behind the war, that seating one family across the 7 Council seats is just a "money manipulating dynasty". The lawyer tried to argued that it violates our constitution right to qualify. He is SO wrong. There is absolutely no reason why a brother and sister can't run in the same election, but one must lose. The lawyer then argued " what if the voters don't know they are brother and sister". That is unfair to the voters, and it waste their vote. It is up to the election committee to reveal this in fair way. It is up to the voters if the want to vote for both..... and let the best man win. If your candidate loses... suck it up buttercup. Councilman,Tom Walker, the brother of Dora Jones, said he and Dora are doing such a wonderful job seating together that nepotism is a good thing. I've seen nothing done by either one of them to cause this man such great pride. I'm sure that earning $10,000 a month fueled that pride. Nepotism is a violation of ethics . If we had a REAL election committee from the tribe... Dora would be in violation for being unethical. Please email Ruby Hammod to stop this unethical mess that a FEW Tribal Council think is OK. The ordinance is out for 30 day comment.
Tribal Council has written the faction remaining held up at the Tribal offices telling them to vacate or be brought before Council in a hearing. They will lose all benefits for punishment.
The 22 million in the Morgan Stanley account was broken down concerning disbursement. Most of the money is or the government, 8.6 million for them. Tax money 6.4 million. Permanent fund $870,00. Out of 22 million, $427,000 is leftover for over 900 people and their families. Since the Chairperson was lookng at a pie charts... I asked who cut the pie? The pie chart showed such a small sliver of pie cut for the members . Morris Reid hem-hawed around the answer but insinuated that NIGC had something to do with it. But Nancy Ayala set the members straight, that it was past Tribal Council who decided to cut us members such a tiny tiny tiny sliver. Shame shame know your name. Now the new council is stealing

Unknown said...

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