Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pechanga FORGETS their Military History on Memorial Day. Thank You Veterans, For Defending Our Country

The Hunter Family, disenrolled from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians after over 200 years of living in the Temecula area have many veterans who served, or are serving in our military.

Once the Pechanga Resort & Casino opened, corruption lead to exterminating these veterans from their membership rolls and history.

On this Memorial Day, which is meant to honor fallen servicemen, I wanted to honor my relations who served our country, while not giving their last full measure and give our readers the opportunity to do the same in the comments by sharing your veterans name..

Pechanga Veterans of the Hunter Family

We salute our Pechanga Veterans for your courage, honor and commitment.

Cuevas, Felipe - Army
Cuevas, David - Army
Cuevas, Thomas - Army
Vasquez, Robert - Navy
Harris, William  - Air Force
Miller, Dario - Army
Miller, John D - Navy
Miller, Louie - Army
Poole, Mary Ann - Navy  - Husband Paul A. Poole served in the US Navy.
Poole, Gregory - Navy
Smith, Matilda - Army    - Husband Frank Smith served in the Air Force.
Smith, Frank - Air Force
Smith, Ernest - Navy
Tavizon, Ernest - Army
Madariaga, Lawrence - Army
Madariaga, Thomas - Navy
Victor J. Jeffredo - Air Force
Mong, Wayne - Army
Mong, Glenn - Army
Poole, Brian - Air Force (active duty)

William Salinas

I'm sure I've missed a few. Thank you to all Pechanga people who have served. And shame on the Pechanga Tribal Council for staining the memory of these fine people above.
We should honor their memory (and those still living) with our courage to maintain this fight to regain what is rightfully ours.

FEEL FREE TO Add your veteran's name in the comments.  THANK YOU TO ALL who served.


White Buffalo said...

From the Apis family

William "Poky" Salinas

Anonymous said...

The Bad Actors (CPP “Concerned” A.K.A Corrupt Pechanga People) communicate saying how sad it was how our Ancestors where treated by people who wanted their land, work areas, community areas, burial sites, and pushed our Ancestors around saying this is mine now go move on with yourselves and live somewhere else. You or your children have no rights here, we took all your rights away, now feel like your ancestors did and move on. We the CPP deserve more than you do because I said so. We deserve your land, work areas, community areas, burial sites more than you because I said so. Today the CPP are apples instead of acorns falling from the trees. We would treat you the same way if it was a corn field we wanted more than the shared casino grounds our ancestors where pushed to before the reservation was created.

Anonymous said...

August Spotted Wolf, USMC.

White Buffalo said...

We have not forgotten that the casino sits on our ancestors land Pablo Apis was once the leader of the people and it was his land that the sheriff forcibly removed the people from. The tribe knows this and they do not care. Not anymore.

White Buffalo said...

I do not think calling the thieving and corrupt council who runs Pechanga bad actors describes them fully. I also do not think using this politically correct language is getting us anywhere as well. If it walks like a duck and acts like a duck then call it what it is.

Anonymous said...

Mark said "We have a right to determine membership." Correct, the truth is WE ALREADY DETERMINED MEMBERSHIP, and our Ancestors were honored and respected. Now to have a faction led by Macarro et al thinking it's legal and ok to dishonor our Ancestors, determine membership on enrolled members who meet the requirements, take away all their rights and spend their share of everything the band has been allowed to participate in. Pechanga deserves to be honored with truth. Hunter family is Pechanga, no other family is more Pechanga than Paulina and her descendants. Your Ancestors knew the truth and filed oral depositions on Allotted Indians. The reservation and Casino would not be here today if the Ancestors did not record the truth. Honor them NOW!

Anonymous said...

Colonel Angus, USAF Korea

Pete Trujillo said...

Peter P. Trujillo sr.
Pala Reservation.
We love you DAD.

Anonymous said...

Victor John Jeffredo, Army

Anonymous said...

Clifford J Nejo
US Army
Pala Reservation.