Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pechanga Lawsuit Details Threats, Exposure of Informant by Tribal Entities Makes Him Fear for his Life

A recent court case against the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and the Pechanga Gaming Commission details the mishandling of employees, and the "outing" of a confidential informant who was working with the F.B.I. during the period where former tribal chairman Jennie Miranda and her son, Larry Miranda were disenfranchised from the tribe.

From the Brief
 Prior to starting work at the Pechanga Casino, the PGC licensed Cosentino as required by IGRA and the PGA.  Shortly after he started work at the Pechanga Casino, Cosentino began to witness rampant criminal activity at the Pechanga Casino including an illegal online casino being operated from the floor of the Pechanga Casino; loan sharking; extortion and bribery; rampant employee theft; 
and collusion between corrupt dealers, supervisors and players. 

Court documents are here: Petitioner Opening Brief

THREATS to his Job:

On May 13, 2011, PGC Commissioner Ramos telephoned Cosentino and told Cosentino that, if Cosentino would not resign from his employment at the Pechanga Casino, the PGC would revoke Cosentino’s gaming license—effectively preventing Cosentino from ever getting another job in any tribal casino. 

FEAR for his life:

Moreover, by exposing Cosentino’s identity as a Department of Justice confidential informant, the PGC has left Cosentino in fear for his personal safety and the welfare of his young child.

Since both Miranda's were disenfranchised from the tribe, it makes one wonder WHY there wasn't a federal case brought forward?


icitall said...

Collusion between supervisors, dealers and guests is a regularly occurring event that management denies exists within those walls; this should be expected from those who lie to the tribe by fabricating numbers to mask such activities. If Tribal members were getting $30,000 a month they could have been getting $40,000 had operations been honest. I worked there for a number of years. I had a direct supervisor once tell me "Pechanga can afford it", when I pointed out this collusion. I could go on and on but to do so would be fruitless. It seems their titles as upper management gives them a sense of entitlement. So it goes.

Anonymous said...

how recent ?

Anonymous said...

Entitlement is what Prchanga has become. Taking for the wrong reasons and not giving support to find better ways for all.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the McKinney investigation that Jennie Miranda her son Larry Miranda , Anthony Miranda , Andrew Miranda and Raymond Miranda were found out committing criminal acts jeopardizing Pechanga's gaming license.

Anonymous said...

It's another small story about the Bad Actors and the truth coming out. It always will, it's just how much time does the Bad Actors get inside support of their disrespectful acts? Again, if "ALL" wanted the truth, the Bad Actors would not be able to prove it. The outside asks for the truth, and the lies are exposed. Maybe the justice should be flowed inside so the actors could tell the truth instead of lies.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Raymond' Basquez wife an ex dealer and running a dealer school.?...maybe that's where they learn how to do the "special"deals.