Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars SNUB Russell Means, Native Actor in Memorium Segment

Conspicuously absent from tonight's broadcast of the OSCARS, in memorium segment was Native American Actor Russell Means, whose filmography includes: Last of the Mohicans, Natural Born Killers and Pocahontas was snubbed. He has championed the rights of indigenous peoples in other countries as well as the U.S. In a televised speech to the 2000 Libertarian Party National Convention, Means said that he prefers the label "Indian" to the more politically-correct "Native American". "Everyone who is born in America is a native American", he said. Another actress of color snubbed: Lupe Ontiveros, Emmy nominated and wonderful actress.


Kristen said...

There were also white people snubbed, it isn't about the color or race, its about who pays the most money to get someone in the memoriam.

James Simon said...

Aside from his Hollywood acting, Means was a showman who hid his dark side. Truthfully, he was more of a bully than a hero, intimidating and assaulting his way to fame and fortune. He faced serious allegations of rape (Looking Back Woman) and murder (Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, Leo Wilcox, Martin Mountileaux, Jamie Bordenkircher) but always skated. Means went to his grave a troubled man, taking his dark secrets with him, such as where civil rights activist Ray Robinson was buried. With help from Sen James Abourezk, Means fooled many into believing he was the victim who just happened to be near the bodies. Despite a legacy of betrayal and violence, Russell Means’ singular accomplishment, skirting the law, leaves Indian Country to deal with his non-Indian dupes and their need to distort history. From that perspective, Hollywood should have recognized him.