Sunday, February 10, 2013

Can a Scumbag Like Pala Chairman Robert Smith Be Considered "Honorable"?

Robert Smith, Chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians is a scumbag.  Yet in a recent press release by the California Tribal Business Alliance:

Gov. Christie got it right – again.  It makes no sense for New Jersey to create a law that would potentially undermine business and tribal interests throughout the country, while not providing New Jersey, and specifically Atlantic City, the business advantage the bill sought to impart,” said the Honorable Robert Smith, Chairman of the California Tribal Business Alliance.  “CTBA is working to develop legislation that will impose strong controls, mandate disclosures, and promote the highest standards of integrity in the gaming industry.  Online gaming is a slippery slope, and putting at risk a multi-million dollar industry, the associated jobs, and the revenue interests to impacted states, without safeguards, is a gamble no one should be willing to take.”

The Honorable Robert Smith is Chair of the Pala Band of Mission Indians and Chairman of the California Tribal Business Alliance

Are you freaking kidding?  Smith has overseen the destruction of many of Pala's families.   Check out  for more.

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Anonymous said...

There is NO honor in what Smith has done.
He deserves NO respect.

Anonymous said...

It's all a political spin job attempt.We'll see how honorable he is when he's behind bars!

smokeybear said...

Smith, Macarro, and Lewis are all "Criminal Greedy Parasites!"..
In the end they will get their just reward..."Federal Jump Suits!"
...."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

Talked to some friends that work at Pala...they say it is a ghost town and even slow on Saturdays...they aren't making any tips. It has to be cutting into the per cap...look for more disenrollments.....probably the same at Pechanga...all those stupid penny machines have to be cutting into the profit...and like any casino...if you lose your regulars, you are sunk.