Wednesday, October 3, 2012

President Obama beaten To a Pulp in Tonight's Debate

Did you watch?  what were your impressions?


Erick Rhoan said...

Romney came off slightly more polished than Obama and he did rejuvenate his flagging public image. But to say President Obama got "beaten [t]o a [p]ulp" last night is gross exaggeration.

I thought the debate was lackluster from both sides. Each yammered on about canned talking points the entire night about things no President has complete control over, i.e., gas prices, free market ails, job growth, etc. The portion on taxes was interesting, but I don't think Romney can't think past the typical Republican playbook which is cut taxes and hope things work out. Obama had a better time showing everyone that Romney can't reveal any details about any of his plans because they're usually piggy-backing off Democratic ideas, like the Affordable Care Act.

That being said, Romney came out with an edge last night. He was forthright (or at least appeared so), steady, aggressive when he needed to be, calm when he needed to be, and didn't condescend.

I'm really looking forward to the foreign policy portions of the next debate where Presidents DO have a lot more control over. Obama's treatment of Israel upsets me and he has made numerous blunders in the Middle East that will get this country in serious trouble in more ways than taxes and declining job numbers ever will.

And I'm looking forward to watching Paul Ryan kick Joe Biden's ass in tonight's VP debate. Because Biden is dumb. And I don't agree with Ryan 100% of the time either, but if you're going to be the #2 man after the President, then at least pretend to be presidential or that you COULD possibly step into those shoes with some competence and a direction. God help us if Biden has to fill in for Obama in a real crisis.

And the true loser of last night's debate: Jim Lehrer. In the words of a friend of mine: I hope he enjoyed his nap.

Anonymous said...

Romney surprised me with his preparedness, Obama kept shoveling the poop, repeating himself over and over expecting people to believe his lies if they hear them enough, unfortunately some people fall for it. Good debate. Go Romney. After seeing how the democratic party handles native American problems any other approach would be refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Osama is dead, Big Bird is alive, Jim Learer still has his job and Obama is still in the lead.

Anonymous said...

Go Romney?....he is going to eliminate our tax write offs ..or limit them to a small portion of before so you will end up paying more tax on that per cap.

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