Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Website: Susan Bradford's Conservative Scoops

One of the best things about running your own blog, is you can help friends out.  Investigative reporter Susan Bradford, who has helped promote tribal issues including disenrollment and the author of the book on Jack Abramoff LYNCHED, has launched a new website.

Conservative Scoops is that site. PLEASE take a quick look.

If you are conservative, you may like it, if you aren't, you may not. Either way, let her know.


Anonymous said...

Susan Bradford.... no merit to anything she says....a scorned woman that can't sell her book of fiction....when you play with the fringe expect to get burned.

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
Susan Bradford.... no merit to anything she says....a scorned woman that can't sell her book of fiction....when you play with the fringe expect to get burned.

And you think this "Because:" you're in bed with the likes of:
"Macarro, Smith, Lewis and all the other thieves that steal from true Lineal Decendants for their own Greed?" And because she "Names Names."...."Eagle Eyes."

Thanks to all of you with the "Prayers" for my wife Renee, shes home on oxygen, and better. Not totally out of the woods yet, but better. Again..."Thank You."..
"Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

Ms. Bradford is the ultimate heroine of our times. She delivered & uncovered the fraudulent counterfeits from Flint city, Michigan, and across the Michigan & U.S.of A.

This bush haired scorned woman from Germany, transplanted themselves right dab in the middle of our American Indian Tribes.

Susan this person has commented about You & Jack.
Always commented on her jealousness of others.
She's was left outta this ole lady's last will & testament, now she can not see straight.
She is a resentful American Indian hater...always her bad mouthing the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe or Tribes across the United States.

This contemptable woman was borned in the country of Germany...she has no business in any tribal Nation, nor the United states of America.

This woman is German & Black, and can't stand that she both of something that is ugly & was borned without being Native American or American Indian.
Her whole family are like that...resentful of the True Blue American Indian.

She's no prize for anyone...she is extremely jealous of the real deal...real American Indians & real Americans.

Go suck on your hind-end...Charmange Benz the German & Black ugleta.

Susan Bradford this is the person saying these ugly things about you, just like her ugly self, cuz that is what is truely ugly & hateful is herself.

One of the fraudulent counterfiet, from Flint City, Michigan hanging around the Saginaw Chippewas. Can't say that she is Indian cuz, she is german white & afican-american black.
Black hair - pink ugly skin & a homely face.

Anonymous said...

the book from never never land...that never went nowhere...period

Anonymous said...

You are such a resentful jackass!
Many Native Americans & Americans read Susan Bradford's book. Now she has a new one out.

The book " Diba Jimoogung" now there's a fiction & non-imagination if ever.
Or is it called "Yaba Daba Doo Doo doo" or "Yaba jimineedoo" or "Jaba the hut".

The book of Indian lies & eggerations, telling of lies of the real Saginaw Chippewa Indians.
The book is as stupid as the writers of the damned book.

None of the Real American Indians in that tribe don't even bother with that flippin book of lies.
It's been torn apart, threw out the doors, shot at, shit on, on top of the tribal building gathering elements to it, the book is discusing to even look at, the book for counterfiets a-holes.

Anonymous said...

And all while we keep on percappen with big bonuses

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I read susans Book
very interesting stuff .
i spoke and seen the dockuments that are in this book ,
sadly the saginaw chippewa leaders
fail big time in honoring their
constitution and preserving its words . im talking the 1937 constitution , not the clouded 1986 one that was not voted on by the members but paid for .
Anonymous said susans has no merit
well then challenge her in a law suit for defaces the saginaw chippewas , if you feel shes wrong.

Anonymous youll find out , you have no merit and find yourself dis-enrolled and in hand cuffs for embezzlement of millions.
so i would be very careful on how you put yourself out their ,
after all it was your family that destroyed the saginaw chippewa people , taking what your not entitle too.
your family can be exposed you know . the documents in her book
are a paper trail yous left behind
and she can put them out .
so be wise and keeping talking your bull sh!t .

Anonymous said...

Would be just a waste of per cap to draw attention to a crazy white women who can't sell her book.

Anonymous said...

better crazy then greedy .
thats what you are all about .
ggggranddaughter to indian dave.
what a joke. now his book makes good Azz-wipe leave that on his trails .crunching leaf

Anonymous said...

Good night and thank you for your lovely comments, tomorrow is percap day and i want to go shopping.

Anonymous said...
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smokeybear said...

......WHAT?...."Eagle Eyes.

Jenn said...

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