Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Answers Questions Concerning Indian Country.

Indian Country Today was able to get Mitt Romney on record regarding Indian Country.

Many Republicans, including President Richard Nixon, have been among the greatest supporters of Indian self-determination. Do you see yourself continuing in that tradition?
Americans Indians truly embody the American spirit of entrepreneurship, hard work and self-reliance. It is this spirit that will help our country return to economic prosperity. I acknowledge and appreciate this spirit and will support tribes in their efforts to create and expand their economic opportunities. As president, I will be committed to providing tribes a seat at the table so that we can work together to get our economy back on track. I value the tribes’ input, and my administration will work to foster a culture of collaboration and respect.
What does tribal sovereignty mean to you? Do you see it as akin to states’ rights?
Tribal sovereignty is a fundamental part of our national heritage and is recognized in our Constitution. I respect and support the sovereignty of Native American tribes and recognize the importance of their culture to the rich fabric of this great country. My administration will treat this government-to-government relationship with the respect it deserves. I believe that along with continued self-determination, tribes must be empowered to pursue continued economic development and expanded prosperity. I welcome the support and input of the tribes in our fight to restore America as the most prosperous country in the world and a beacon of liberty.
What is the best way to resolve conflicts between tribal nations and the federal and state governments?
My administration will be committed to fostering and preserving a strong relationship with our nation’s tribes; one built on mutual consideration, respect and trust. As president, I will work with the tribes to improve vital services and receive input on policy. For example, I respect the unique relationship Native American tribes have with the land. I believe this relationship is key to both tribal culture and future prosperity. I am dedicated to ensuring that that relationship is not adversely encroached upon. In addition, my administration will work to improve government inefficiencies that hinder federal services to tribes and impede tribes’ economic opportunities.
Where do you stand on tribal gaming?
I respect the sovereignty of tribal governments and the rights of tribes under federal law, including their rights to operate gaming facilities in compliance with the law. I realize that tribes have thrived in their management of the gaming industry. This success should be respected and not hampered by Big Labor special interests. Additionally, I will fight attempts by Big Labor to compromise the economic liberty of Native Americans.
What is your position on the Keystone XL pipeline?
North America is the fastest-growing oil- and gas-producing region in the world, and the continent now has an opportunity to achieve freedom from OPEC that would not have even been contemplated just 10 years ago. Unfortunately, President Obama has chosen to turn his back on America’s neighbors. He rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have dramatically increased the supply of Canadian oil to the U.S. market, and now Canada plans to send that oil to China instead. Today, America still imports more oil from OPEC than it does from Canada and Mexico.
As Canadian Prime Minister [Stephen] Harper notes, fostering a greater North American energy partnership that replaces OPEC imports with stable supply from secure sources at discounted prices should be a no-brainer. And Mexico is now displaying a renewed interest in collaborating with outside partners to increase development of its own plentiful resources. By collaborating with these countries on energy development, America can guarantee itself a reliable and affordable supply of energy while also opening up new opportunities for American businesses and workers in the region. Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline is a crucial step in my plan to achieve North American energy independence by 2020. On day one of my presidency, I will approve the Keystone XL pipeline.



Justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

He should have been asked how do you feel about corrupt tribal governments who wrongfully disenroll their members. And what will he do to stop this from happening. Of course he would not because that would mean less money that these tribes pay to the campaign.

Anonymous said...

I just sent Romney a comment on his site asking him to explain his stands on sovereignty even if it blankets civil and criminal acts. We all need to send him something on this issue so he gets to hear it from our side not just the corrupt tribal governments.

smokeybear said...

They won't answer that question. They won't even take the chance...."Election Year!"...."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how one man can contradict himself so much. First he is for Natives, respects us all like Nixon, he recognizes the importance of our culture. But this is the same man that is going to do a lot on day one, he is going to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, really how many Native lands will that effect what about the Native people who don't want this pipeline. Oh then there is his outlook on the UNIONS, he is a union hater as we all know. But really that pipeline will create union jobs it is a union operation. So is he for the union and Native people?? Well as a Native woman with a Union Pipe-fitter husband I think the pipelines and their company's should care more about the Native Culture and do more to protect and preserve this way of life. I also know plenty of Union Welders and Fitters that are from different Tribes. Really these unions help out our people with better wages and health care. Hell if it wasn't for the union my kids would have no health care. So once again White Man lying to Indians to get what he wants. The question is does he care or is he blowing smoke?

Anonymous said...

To Smokey bear it doesn’t matter if Romney responds. It the point and showing we have a voice to be heard.

Anonymous said...

The Keystone XL pipeline is a joke. All the oil will go to Texas for refining and then be shipped overseas. It won't do anything to lower gas prices.

Few Americans realize our largest export is refined petroleum products (gasoline). The price of oil and gas is set on the world market. It doesn't matter how much we drill the price will not go down.

It's just common sense. Does anyone really believe Oil Companies want the price of oil and gas to go down? Hell no. They want to make as much money as possible.

Decreasing demand by increased fuel efficiency and using more alternative energy sources is the only way to make the price go down.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mitt Romney as a Mormon has some different ideas about Indigenous Americans, particularly where they came from and how they got here. And none of the ideas are that flattering.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know exactly what the Mormons belief on Native American Indians are?

Anonymous said...

Romney has bee known to say what ever he thinks the crowd will want to hear. Even if he contradicts himself infront of another crowd. He is a big fat liar, and Natives should not listen to anything he says. The pipe line destroys a lot of native lands. I am cool off living in an america that has been so depleted that it looks just like the middle east. He looks at America like a corporation. He has no care for Native Americans. To him your just another victim to fire.

Anonymous said...

Don't take my word for it, you can google Mormonism and Native Americans etc.

From the wiki Entry for Laminite:

According to the Book of Mormon, a Lamanite is a member of a
dark-skinned nation of indigenous Americans that battled with the light-skinned Nephite
nation. Mainstream archaeologists, geneticists, and historians do not recognize the existence of Lamanites but adherents of the Latter Day Saint movement typically believe that the Lamanites comprise some part, if not the entirety, of the indigenous peoples of
the Americas and the Polynesian people.

The Book of Mormon describes the Lamanites as descendants of Laman and Lemuel, two rebellious brothers of a family of Israelites who crossed the ocean in a boat around 600 BC. Their brother Nephi founded the Nephite nation. The Lamanites reputedly gained their dark skin as a sign of the curse for their rebelliousness (the curse was the withdrawal of the Spirit of God), and warred with the Nephites over a period of centuries. The book says
that Jesus appeared and converted all the Lamanites to Christianity; however, after about two centuries, the Lamanites fell away and eventually exterminated all the Nephites. By the end of the Book of Mormon, the Lamanites were defined less by their skin color than by
their lack of Christianity. Many Mormons believe that the Polynesian people originated from the descendents of Hagoth who led his people off on a ship and was never heard from again. Although Hagoth was a Nephite, these Mormons regard Polynesians as Lamanites.

Within the culture of Mormonism, indigenous Americans and Polynesians are sometimes
referred to as "Lamanites".

White Buffalo said...

It is my opinion that Mitt views Native Americas tribes as business entities. And that tribes are like corporations’ who govern themselves and thus decide who works for them and who shares in the profits.

Let’s see that would mean that he does support sovereignty and the right of the tribe to determine their own membership without interference from federal, state, and personal interface. He would say that if a tribe is economically successful then they like any good corporation are initialed to their wealth and that those tribes who are not successful are victims’ who are lazy and dependent, with their hand out to the government.

He would probably be friends with Marc and the tribal hack that visits the site, for he would not lift a finger to help the disenrolled for it would not be good business.. The corporate model believes that profits are the bottom-line so maximize earnings by minimizing overhead. In fact I would bet he would agree with disenrollment, for it is like paying taxes pay as little as possible through loopholes and tax shelters so that you pay less than your secretary. It is legal but not moral.

White Buffalo said...

In my last post when I said ", and personal interface." what I meant to say was interfearance" well however you spell it.

Luiseno said...

Oregon to vote on privately owned casino

If this passes (and I am pretty sure it will) look to a similar measure on CA. ballots soon.

25% gaming earnings to go to schools (what percentage does Indian casinos pay to public schools?)

Required to pay all state and local taxes

Independent audits requires to ensure money goes where it's supposed to (what do you think would happen if there was an independent audit done on Pechangas casino?)

I just mention this as I am pretty sure this will effect CA. if/when it passes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"... all you people do is wine...

Sorry, I don't drink much wine, except an occasional glass during holidays.

"...find a job..."

Have one (even though I am 70+ years old, I still did get employed).

"...i don't give what you respond with..."

Then go ahead and do not give what I respond with, receiving it is enough.

White Buffalo said...

Anonymous said...

"Boring website, all you people do is wine, get a life already and find a job, i don't give what you respond with"

October 14, 2012 9:58 AM

Dude, you NEED to stay away from the C-Pipe. I can see that it has already affected your mind. Next your teeth are going to fall out if they haven’t started to already. Oh tell Potato-Head I haven’t forgotten about him.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Native American Mormon aka LDS. Mormon/LDS is a religion full of promises and blessing to the Native People who believe and consistently try to do the right thing.

Mormons abhor alcohol, tobacco, drugs. It teaches us to abstain from anything that isn't good for our body.

The Book of Mormon is written for the modern day Native people. If you read it; I assure you it will bring about changes in your life for the better.

I was a former protestant, whose teaching consistently told me I was going to burn in hell. This happened when I was in the boarding school. I can honestly tell you that God to me was mean and burned people. Just when I was about to make up my mind about having nothing to do with God. These two Mormon missionaries came down our desolate road to our earthen home. They taught us that God is full of love and would never-ever do that.

Today, I can stand as a testament that God is real, He loves everyone of us regardless of our shortcoming. God loves the Native people because they have great faith in Him. I believe that! My grandfather told me about a time when Christ came down and visited the Native Americans and the Hopi Nation can back that up. I see the Native people's strong belief in the Great Spirit. Mormons also believe in the spirit world aka happy hunting ground.

Being a member of the Mormon church has blessed my family abundantly. We have all have been prosperous and the promises are being fulfilled by doing the right thing.

Believe in Mitt Romney! Obama is all for the monetary gain, lies and cheat. This I know through extensive research prior to him coming into office. He has absolutely no positive record to run on, which is why he is always slamming and trying to find something on Romney, sadly he will find nothing.

Regardless of who wins the presidency;I will still be a Native American Mormon.

Anonymous said...

Wine is an alcoholic drink. One track mind, aye?

Whine is to complain.

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
To Smokey bear it doesn’t matter if Romney responds. It the point and showing we have a voice to be heard.

Oh, you have no problem with me on that one! And we should let him know what the "Hell" is going on, but aside from that "It's all falling on: Deaf Ears." He won't"Incurre the Rath" of the likes of: Pechanga, Pala, and all
the other "Casino Indians" that put large sums of money into their
"Lucrative Pots Of Gold!" And Obama? Well we all know what his "Position" is on "Indian Affairs?" He has none. He has proved that. And Romney? He won't have a "Position" either, they just can"t take the "Chance!" Set/Match!...."Eagle Eyes."