Monday, March 7, 2011

San Manuel Tribal Chairman Focuses on Education While Pechanga Chairman Eliminated College Grads from Tribe

While Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro is well known for eliminating tribal citizens and sending many into financial hardship, as well as practcing Apartheid on the rez,  San Manuel Chairman James Ramos is well known for his emphasis on education.

The Press Enterprise has a story up on Mr. Ramos:

James Ramos is a busy man these days. He is in his second two-year term as chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, leading the tribe as it works to expand its businesses and develop its reservation.

He is chairman of the California Native American Heritage Commission and owns two restaurants in San Bernardino and Highland.

In November, voters elected him to his second term on the San Bernardino Community College District board.

This year, Gov. Jerry Brown named Ramos to the state Board of Education, the first American Indian to hold a seat on the panel.

See the link above for the rest of the story on James Ramos of San Manuel.      You can learn more about Macarro, the diminutive leader of Pechanga     Here    and HERE


Anonymous said...

Knowledge is power. A self assured tribal Chairperson like Chairman Ramos, with the best interests of his tribal members at heart, would never be threatened by the education attained by his tribal members. In fact he or she would encourage education just as Mr. Ramos does. But, if a tribal chairperson is not conducting themselves in the best interest of their tribal members then education would be perceived as a threat that might be used by those tribal members to rid themselves of that Chairperson.

Anonymous said...

Power in the hands of a bully like Macarro reaps a terrible price. Broken lives, ruined health, and Macarro fiddles while Pecanga sinks into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Not a Fan of The California Native American Heritage Commission. They Allow Big Businesses to Desecrate Our Sacred Sites throughout California...