Thursday, June 10, 2010

Anti Cherokee Freedmen Candidate Felton Newell in Epic FAIL as a candidate

The Cherokee Nation-supported candidate Felton Newell failed miserably in the June 8 primary in CA-33rd Congressional District. 6.5% of the vote? This district was retiring Rep. Diane Watson, who championed the cause of the Cherokee Freedmen. Congratulations to Karen Bass. Future Rep. Bass, will you take up the cause of Rep. Watson? Will you be the champion for the rights of the oppressed Native Americans? Will you stand up for those who HAVE HAD their civil rights violated by their own tribes?


stand your ground said...

I seriously doubt it.
Just another politician bought by Pechanga.
I'll bet anything that if the Pechanga name is mentioned to her, she will immediately see dollar signs dancing in her head, bending over to kiss corrupt Mark Macarro's

Anonymous said...

She already took money from Pechanga..

just do it said...

Yeah, it is well known that Karen Bass is taken bribe money from Pechanga and from other tribes.

Anonymous said...

Chad Smith is a joke.