Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BIA Superintendant James Fletcher to Resign; Career marked by Tribal Disenrollments

Sources report that James Fletcher, Superintendant of the BIA's Riverside office will be leaving. Reportedly he will take a job with Pechanga, which makes one wonder: hmmmmm. WHY?

Fletcher's term has been tarnished by disenrollments at Pechanga, of two large families, denying them their civil rights. Similarly, the San Pasqual tribe terminated Indians. Also, the Duroville waste dump festered for YEARS before he got involved.

Might a more effective person be better?


Temecula Person said...

Fletcher did nothing to help 230 fellow tribesmen of Pechanga.

And that's not just as a BIA supervisor, he could have stood up at a meeting about the wrongness of it.

He tried to rinse the blood of his hands with San Pasqual

cideways said...

For doing the dirty work of the CPP he will be rewarded well.

Stop the abuse of Sovereignty!

Anonymous said... about a conflict of interest!!..

Anonymous said...

Guess that implies that he is guilty of something; however, this will not absolve him from being called to testify.

What position will be hold at Pechanga? Perhaps he will run for tribal chair?

Anonymous said...

is he tribal?

Tribal Corruption Exposed said...

James Fletcher IS tribal. He's a Pechanga member who STOOD TO GAIN from elimination of rightful tribal members.

His per capita check went from 10,000 per month to over $30,000 per month, not including bonuses.

Enough incentive for him NOT to stand up for what is right? I believe so. Somebody do the math,
20,000 per month over FOUR years EQUALS:

Now, multiply THAT time each and every FAMILY member of Fletcher. NOW is that an incentive?

Anonymous said...

Thats not just conflict of inteest...thats criminal...

Anonymous said...

oops interest...sorry..see above

t'eetilawuncha! said...

The one constant is that this matter has Congress attention now. Add on that Congress introduced IGRA to benefit all Indians in the communities that started gaming. The billions of dollars generated from gaming have fueled tribal corruption and Congress is taking notice. Combine IGRA and ICRA and they are intertwined. Why would a tribal government establish a constitution or bylaws, if they did not have to? To protect the integrity of the tribe from the plenary powers of the outside forces that surrounds them. Is it ironic that tribes such as Pechanga established a disenrollment procedure the same year that IGRA was introduced by Congress in 1988? Why develop a procedure if tribes already have the right to self determination and the right to define its membership?

Suing the BIA over the matter at Pechanga is on the drawing board also. This membership battle was settled by the BIA back in the 80’s and has resurfaced again after IGRA. Pechanga has both a Constitution and Bylaws on file at the BIA, why do they need to follow it?

Again the good Pechanga people do what is right and help bring this to an end. It’s not too late, until it’s too late.

Anonymous said...

Why would Fletcher not recuse hisself in the matter of the Pechanga Disenrollments? Why would the BIA allow him to continue overseeing the Pechanga Disenrollments knowing that he stood to financially gain from the demise of the disenrollees? Why wouldn't the BIA assign another uninvolved BIA field representative to oversee the Pechanga disenrollments rather than allow a peronally involved field rep. to continue on? These questions need to be answered from the top of the BIA chain or else start the shredding....again.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't the BIA assign another field rep? BECAUSE.... the BIA agrees with the FACT that a tribe SHOULD control it's own membership!

GET OVER IT! ACCEPTANCE IS THE FIRST STEP to a healthier life for you dis-enrolled people!

Truth said...

Accepting lies is not our way. We have a very good heart, and you could learn from it. If spreading lies and misinformation for personal gain makes for a healthier life, we want nothing to do with it.