Friday, September 11, 2009

Harvard Professor Says Cherokee Freedmen issue is a MORAL one

Interesting that Professor Ogletree was limited to not discussing the case, or even inviting some of the plaintiffs in the case to give their remarks. Reportedly, Chad Smith could show a video and give both legal and political arguments.

How one-sidedly staged can one event be?

Whether descendants of former slaves once owned by Cherokee Indians have citizenship rights in the tribe is a moral issue.

Professor Charles Ogletree Jr. and Cherokee Nation Chief Chad Smith discussed the freedmen issue Thursday at the Federal Bar Association's Annual Meeting and Convention in Oklahoma City.

Cherokee voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment in March 2007 that would remove about 2,800 freedmen from the tribe's rolls. That eliminated their eligibility for medical and other tribal services.Smith says tribal members have a sovereign right to determine eligibility for citizenship in the tribe.

But Ogletree says everyone loses when groups narrowly define citizenship. He says defining citizenship by blood ancestry may not be the best way.

Norman attorney Jon Velie said freedmen were entitled to Cherokee citizenship under the 1866 treaty.

“As a matter of law, the freedmen are citizens,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an audio or video copy of the discussion?


creeper said...

Looks like Jon Velie should have debated Chad Smith...

Allen L. Lee said...

I've peeled off an e-mail to this address:
asking if there will be transcripts or vidoe of the debate.
Sounds like it was a dud. The only thing I can think of was that they agreed not to talk about anything that might be pertinent to pending cases.
Of course I have to say, Then why have the debate?

'aamokat said...

Anybody else notice that tribal leadership usually has to have a stacked deck in their favor?

In disenrollment case after disenrollment case the 'powers that be' have the advantage of an uneven playing field.

If Smith is in the right, then why did he avoid meaningful challenges to his position.

As Jon Velie said; "as a matter of law, the Freedmen are citizens."

But the problem is money and bullsh*t talk and the rest of us, at least in the short run, walk.

White Buffalo said...

The corrupt and evil count their money today, but the day is coming when their kingdom will be nothing but rubble, and they will stand at a distance and cry and tear their cloths saying why did this happen to us, what will we do now.

Unknown said...

See a brief video clip about the Ogletree & Smith debate on YouTube under CNONews or copy & paste this link.

You can also see two clips showing how Smith used Georgia Congressman John Lewis in a similar manner at the Cherokee Holiday.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you all counted your money when you all had it and now the fact is you all can not count your money anymore and you all SOUND SO mad about that, not that your heritage changed... cause you still have the same moma as before and you have the same body as before, let hope you get a more understanding MIND then before! it might do your health some GOOD! BE HAPPY YOU WERE NOT SHIPPED BACK TO MEXICO!

Truth said...

Dear gentle readers,

We are very healthy in mind and soul. The anonymous poster is very wrong and on so many levels.
The blatant misleading from the post and lack of knowledge shines through in the negative thoughts.

IGRA (Indian gaming regulatory Act) and the Pechanga disenrollment procedure were enacted in 1988. This led to the removal of over 25% of the tribe. This termination has a huge spotlight on it, and this is why this anonymous poster continues to visit and post this misinformation. The truth will always prevail, they know it. If they wanted us to just go away, it shows a naivety beyond words.