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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Temecula Chief Pablo Apish's Newest Descendent Arrives!

John Gomez Jr, friend and contributor to Original Pechanga's Blog and his wife Jennifer are proud to announce that Gabriella Casilda Yawaywish is in the house. She checked in at 8:08 this morning and is 7lbs 6oz and 19 inches long

Gabriella is a 7th Generation descendant of Temecula Chief Pablo Apish. Named after Pablo's wife, Casilda, who was one of the tribal members evicted from the Temecula Indian Village in 1875. Vaunted elder Antonio Ashman has told the story of the eviction.

Congratulations to Jennifer and John for the new child of Pechanga.


'aamokat said...

Congratulations to John and Jennifer Gomez on the birth of their daughter.

I am sure she already is and will continue to grow into "Nawitmal Yawaywish" (Beautiful Girl) as is befitting her name.

Anonymous said...

How many of Manuela Miranda's descendents have been born since that awful day when the family was ripped from tribal rolls?

Allen L. Lee said...


Anonymous said...

Pablo Apish was a MEXICAN!!!! and the CHURCH give PABLO APISH the title of a leader... not the native people of the area! Pablo Apish (a MEXICAN) grow up in the area and could speak in both spanish (for the church) and in Luiseno to the native people for the church! and as for....

Candaleria... she gave up her indian heritage!!!! she was given an option: to be luiseno and MOVE back in the canyons with the rest of the PECHANGA PEOPLE or move into the city with a plot of land and become a ordinary american citizen! She wanted the later.... she made her choice! JUST ACCEPT IT!

'aamokat said...

That just goes to show how ignorant our anonymous harraser is.

The descendants of Candalaria Nesecat Flores are STILL MEMBERS OF THE PECHANGA TRIBE!

So you obviously don't know what you are talking about!