Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pechanga In Court To Thwart Judgement in Joe Liska Case

HUGE blow to Pechanga...

There will be a court hearing in the San Diego Federal Court on Monday, June 22 at 10:30 am. The Pechanga Band of Mission Indians are asking for a dismissal of a Federal Court Judgement that was awarded to an individual in the Moritorium. This is HUGE!

The individual, Joe Liska, who has been caught in Pechanga's UNLAWFUL moratorium has already won and now the Pechanga Band of Mission Indians, who didn't take it seriously the first time are trying to get it dismissed. He has been fighting this fight alone and quietly and now it is time for all to know!


Anonymous said...

So does anyone have the specific details as to what he is suing for? Is he suing to be let into the tribe, or for damages for back pay, or to end the moritorium?

'aamokat said...

It would be nice if Pechanga would have to defend the merits of their claim of denying Mr. Liska's tribal membership because I am sure their expensive lawyers are just going to argue sovereignty as if it is the holy grail of tribal issues.

But even if tribal officials really believe that they are doing the right thing, they forget one thing, that the rights of the individual should trump all other concerns except in rare instances.

Do tribes like Pechanga even have another defense for kicking people out of tribes without due process or for denying rightful members their just due besides saying it is no one else's business even if they violate their own tribal laws and constitutions?

cideways said...

What about Bobbi Lemers sister? Somehow her and her entire family have been enrolled since the disenrollment of hundreds of TRUE PECHANGA INDIANS. How does one get the enrollment number 1740, when those in the single digits from the the 1979 enrollment were removed?

stand your ground said...

Some people in this tribe are really stupid, don't they realize that they are setting themselves up for a fall....
enrollment number 1740...???
but the moratorium is still in
People have been waiting for years
how did this person slip thru the crack?


Anonymous said...

Is it documented that adults were enrolled recently during the moratorium on new adult members?

Reportedly adults were also enrolled prior to the 2000 elections during the moratorium and that is one of things the enrollment commmittee members who were elected to the committee in 2002 who ended up being disenrolled alleged and brought to the attention of the tribal council.

So it was Bobbi Lemere's sister and her family who were recently enrolled and her enrollment number is 1740?

Ironic that most of the Hunter family,who are disenrolled, had numbers below 1000 and as another poster said, some of them had numbers below 100.

So most of the Hunters were enrolled many years before the casino was planned and Mark Macarro was twisting the truth (lying) when he insinuated that they enrolled when the casino opened.

I am a Hunter family member and I know I was enrolled even before Mark M and most of his family.

So Corny (Mark M), would you have enrolled if all Pechanga had was a corn field?

Anonymous said...

from what I heard joe liska,s banishment will be lifted and he will be able to pray at his fathers grave.

he also ask for 10 years of back pay from his trust land and the judge gave him the win.he is not on the tribal rolls but the court gave him the win,the tribe will try to get his win dismissed but he calms the 12 year moratorium is felony misapropreation of gaming funds. people could end up in prison because of his law suit,they screwed up by not responding to his law suit and he filed for the win and was awarded it by a federal judge. I read his law suit and it speaks of felony theft and fraud wow! go get um joe,,,,

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of clowns (tribal council)he charges them with felony theft and fraud and they don,t defend themselves?

must be true what he states in his law suit (people not pechanga indian on the council)what the heck? pea brains!!

'aamokat said...

So, reportedly Mr. Liska's suit says the tribe has committed fraud and misappropriated gaming funds and they haven't filed a countersuit saying the allegations aren't true?

Folks, but even if they don't have the merits of their claims in their favor they still have one big trump card to fall back on and that is sovereignty.

And that "ace" in their favor is very powerful and let's hope the federal court doesn't just dismiss Mr. Liska's case on that basis.

After all, fair is fair and let's see them defend their claims by their merits for once and see how they do.

I think it would be a big strike out on their part if they have to defend themselves.

It would be interesting to see how they would respond if it is brought out that it is in fact true that certain adults had been enrolled in 2000 and 2008 despite the moratorium on new adult members and others such as Mr. Liska have been denied membership.

Anonymous said...

Yes very good point about the ace in the hand of the tribe,but mr liska has case law in his favor and mr liska would not be able to pray at his fathers gravesite if they don,t uphold his win.

Then this would mean that the u.s constitution (freedom of religion)does not apply to mr liska only the rest of the u.s citizens?

MMm good point I might have to see this hearing for myself!

Anonymous said...

The trump card cannot be used in felony misappropriated gaming funds ,,felony theft is felony theft on federal land.

The tribe has to abide by some gaming laws I think its the Indian gaming regulatory act set forth by the U.S congress.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto this site by mistake but I am for the underdog go Mr liska good luck!

Betty Castillo Fort Worth texas!

Anonymous said...

Aamokat from what I heard they defaulted or failed to respond to mr liska,s suit and he filed for the win and was awarded it.

You cannot defend yourself after defaulting or discuss the issues at hand because you already lost!

So this should be very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hearing canceled joe liska filed his counter motion to late but the judge allows it to be filed ,tribe mad at judge allowing his motion to still be heard in court.

(judge canceled pechanga tribes hearing and will rule in two weeks on paper no hearing)!

maybe concern over crowd showing up for hearing!

interesting! we will see what happens!

Anonymous said...

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