Wednesday, June 3, 2009

California Indian Gaming Revenues DOWN 5.6%

Gee, and we were promised that if we gave tribes expanded gaming, that our budget would be balanced. Now, with negative growth, we won't even get what we were getting?


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Anonymous said...

I went into Pechanga to spend some points in the gift shop that I had left over...and the casino floor was empty...they have to be losing more than 5% of their biz at Pechanga...I know I wont go and spend my $1500 a week like i used to...and thats because of your site......and they have also taken out so many machines that there is huge areas of empty used to be packed with machines...and now most of the dollar machines are 1 and 2 penny would be proud...i didnt spend a dime...just used my card in the gift shop and ate some food ...all on Pechangas dime!!!!