Thursday, June 11, 2009

BIA rules on Altura Rancheria: Seven not Five

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has decided there are seven, and not five, members of the Alturas Rancheria. There has been an ongoing dispute regarding membership, as opposing factions among the members stood to have majority voting rights based on the number of members in the rancheria.

The decision was announced in a June 6, 2009 letter to Rancheria Chairman Phillip Del Rosa and Vice Chairman Darren Rose. A copy of the letter was delivered to the Daily News this week for Del Rosa. Del Rosa and Rose have been in an ongoing dispute over membership, with Del Rosa now holding a four-vote majority of the seven members, based on the ruling.

Rose, who was adopted into the tribe when it was pursuing a casino to be located in the Yreka area, would have held a three-vote majority had the BIA determined there were only five voting members.

Rose claimed that the adoption of of Don Peckingham and Calvin Phelps into the tribe was for only an honorary membership with no voting rights.


'aamokat said...

Has anyone noticed that most of the time, if not all of the time that the merits of people who are being kept out of tribes or kicked out of tribes is in favor of them and not the tribes.

Anonymous said...

Yep yep I sure have! Come on Pechanga fix your wrong. Bring the disenrolled members back!!