Thursday, May 21, 2009

USC's Annenberg School of Journalism to Look Into Tribal Disenrollments

We received this communique from Brian Frank of the USC/Annenberg School of Journalism:

I want to talk to as many people as possible. For the main story, I will focus on just a few tribes, but I’m planning to create a forum of some sort so that people can tell their own stories and they will all become part of a larger package.

This could be text, video, audio, just about anything. I’d like to encourage people to do this as it will contribute to a larger document of why people are being disenrolled and what’s happening to them afterward.

Please contact Brian Frank at: YOU can help spread the word on your tribe's disenrollment actions.

We've had stories about Pechanga disenrollments: HERE and HERE and we've discussed Redding Rancheria HERE San Pasqual HERE and Picayune Rancheria HERE and HERE

Now's your chance to BE HEARD. Contact Brian.


Brian said...

Also, you can send me comments and/or get updates at my Twitter feed.

Erick Rhoan said...

Once you've collected the stories of the disenrolled what do you intend to do with all of them? What is this "larger package" that you speak of?

Brian said...

I'm planning to do a multimedia story, with text, video, photos, audio, and graphics elements. In addition, I will create some kind of interactive element that allows people to post their stories in their own words using whatever medium they'd like. The finished story along with these extra elements would be posted on a website through the News21 Initiative for journalism (an example of last year's stories here.) and hopefully picked up by a professional media outlet, whether print, TV or radio, not sure yet.