Friday, May 15, 2009

Santa Ysabel May Kick Out Hernandez

The Santa Ysabel Band of Mission Indians has launched an effort to remove its tribal chairman, Johnny Hernandez.

The tribe's seven-member Legislature signed a petition earlier this month to remove the chairman from office for allegedly misappropriating $27,180 of the tribe's money late last year for court services.

Santa Ysabel, which owns a casino near Lake Henshaw, has had an ongoing feud between its chairman and vice chairwoman, Brandie Taylor.

Taylor said Thursday that the tribe will conduct a hearing June 6 on the petition to remove Hernandez.

"Then, if the Legislators unanimously vote him out, then the next day at the general council meeting, there will be a secret ballot vote to keep him in office or not," Taylor said in a written statement. "The final say is the general council."

Adults among the 650-member tribe constitute its general council, which elects the chairman.

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