Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pechanga Corruption: It's ABOUT THE MONEY

Pechanga Corruption is ABOUT THE MONEY

Try the figure out, roll it around your tongue: Over ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS This is how much the remaining Pechanga members have been able to split since kicking out 25% of their tribe.

Pechanga can double check my numbers but they'll be close if not short.

135 Manuela Miranda Adults lost $15,000 per month 38 months ago and 95 Hunter Family adults lost $17, 300 per month 26 months ago.

Manuelas: 135 x 38 x $15000
Hunters: 95 x 26 x $17,300

Still believe it's not about the money?

Let's look at another fact:

The total of $15,000 per month times about 1080 members is $192,000,000. NOW remember that there are about 500 caught up in the moratorium. Illegally keeping rightful members out of the tribe. There are qualifications and open enrollment in the Pechanga Constitution. There have been NO enrollments in 10 years, except for certain families of enrollment committee members. (Right Bobbie?)

Take that $192 Million and divide it by 1600 (current + moratorium) & you'd get:
$120,000 per YEAR!

Pechanga got rid of people and didn't let rightful blood IN because they didn't believe that $120 Thousand per year was enough. Numbers are approximate, because the word is now that members are making over $30, 000 per month.

Still think it's NOT about the Money?

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